Service Management with Jira Service Management

The importance of service management keeps increasing in big and growing enterprises. Even small deficiencies or delays in support can challenge the relationship to the customer. On the contrary, a high quality service will increase customer loyalty.

Already 40% of all Jira clients use the system to display and manage support requests from clients. Atlassian has now delivered the solution to professionalize service management with Jira: Jira Service Management adds powerful help desk functions for enterprise environments to Jira. Test Jira Service Management now! 

Why Jira Service Management?

  • The power of Jira - combined with a simple, reduced and intuitive interface for clients and a clearly arranged and powerful front end for service employees
  • Deep integration in existing processes and workflows with Jira
  • Full support of your individual Service Level Agreements
  • Individual SLA calendar
  • Connection with Confluence to establish a knowledge base, where clients can find answers, before asking support
  • Performance reports in real time for continuous optimization
  • Immediately useable in IT support, customer service, internal support, …
  • No additional system, no costly trainings, no new APIs
  • No SaaS help desk, but full integration into the internal infrastructure


Atlassian develops professional Enterprise software, //SEIBERT/MEDIA helps clients to use these systems to their full potential. We are official Atlassian partner and one of the few Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the world. We support you with licensing, introduction, operation, adjustments and productive use of Atlassian products.

  • We are one of the biggest Atlassian partners in the world with experience in hundreds of Atlassian projects and locations in the USA and Germany
  • Our employees have won the Atlassian Codegeist 2012 (Plugin development competition)
  • We offer immediate access to free test environments for Atlassian products
  • There are many more advantages to purchasing licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

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