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Confluence is a commercial enterprise wiki created by the Australian software manufacturer Atlassian. Confluence is the leading enterprise wiki software.

Confluence is superior to other wiki software. Its functionality, usability, performance, and technical stability outclasses any other wiki software. Atlassian offers comprehensive support for its software. Contact support can aid you via a public help desk, FAQs, a forum for question and answers, as well as personal support via email and phone.

A worldwide network of partners helps companies implement Confluence and offers matching services. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the leading Atlassian partners in Europe. As one of the few service providers, we carry the status of "Platinum Solution Partner". We have been conducting Confluence projects since 2008. We offer agile teams of consultants, designers, developers, and system administrators to our customers. We would be glad to support you with your project, from the initial concept design up to the realization and implementation. 


Contact us now and benefit from the following

  1. Wiki Software compared:
    11 Questions to answer when evaluating Enterprise Wiki Software. 

  2. Initial Consultation via phone:
    Consultation via phone with one of our consultants, no commitment required.

  3. Complete overview of costs:
    Overview of Confluence license prices and costs.

  4. Articles on Confluence and Enterprise Wikis
    Access to articles on implementing enterprise wikis.  

  5. Your own Confluence test environment: 
    A test installation of Confluence for you and your colleagues will allow you to test the system in a secure environment.

Send us your inquiry now and you will receive the services and documents mentioned above. Your inquiry is not binding.

After your inquiry with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Info via e-mail:

By completing the form on the right, we will receive your input via e-mail and will contact you shortly. You will first receive an e-mail with detailed information and additional links.

We will then have a brief, (non binding) phone call with you and will be happy to learn about your needs and goals. Together, we will decide on how to proceed. Usually, we will provide you with a budget overview for future planning during our first conversation. 

Information material:

Depending on your company's needs, we will send you the information from the list above that is relevant to you. Oftentimes, you will receive both standard offers and offers for workshops, which you can use for presenting your findings within your enterprise. 

Optional presentation:

In addition, we often lead live presentations for customers who are interested, in which all decision making parties in your company may participate. These presentations can be done in person or via a video sharing session.

Services we offer

  • Consulting and license sales: for Confluence and plugins
  • Hosting and service of Confluence - individually or in the cloud 
  • Strategic planning of Confluence projects and general consulting
  • Adjustment of interfaces and development of themes
  • Development of individual plugins for specific enhancements
  • Integration of Confluence, plugins, and third party systems
  • User training and coaching
  • Confluence marketing and rollout within the organization
  • Second and third level support with service level agreements

This is why //SEIBERT/MEDIA is the right partner for your projects

Competent, experienced, and full service

  1. Big service provider
    With over 140 employees, we are one of the few service providers that can offer you complete service with many competent employees in this specialized field. Each contact expert has a competent substitute in case of inaccessibility.

  2. Everything from one source
    Besides "know how" in technology, Confluence projects also require organizational and cultural competence. Our experienced consultants, designers, developers, and software administrators offer you everything from initial planning to completion and secure operation. All our services are offered by our own full time very competent employees.

  3. Experience since 1996
    Since 1996, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has been a full service provider for web projects. We have completed projects with internet technology with volume in the range of eight digit figures and we are proud to be a reliable and serious partner for you.

  4. Certified and official partner
    The developer of Confluence software, Atlassian, has certified //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a reliable partner. We are an official partner for all Atlassian products in the United States, Australia, and Germany. Your collaboration with us will grant you financial advantages, on top of all manufacturer services.

  5. References: customers who trust us
    Among our clients, are big corporations such as Allianz, Hitachi, Honda, Fresenius, Lufthansa, SAP and SGS. We have had collaborative projects with Deutsche Telekom, Kneipp, and over 40 other interesting and hard working clients.

  6. Reliability and 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA possess no risks. We offer the best quality, reliability, and serious consultation. We offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.

Test Confluence immediately with all functions?

Would you like to evaluate Confluence yourself today? Use our Confluence hosting service SWIFT for free and non binding for 30 days. Simply request your instance with the form below. It will be available shortly at the web address you choose.   

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We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Customers that trust //SEIBERT/MEDIA

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