What we offer: state-of-the-art tool stack for dev teams

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has packed together an effective and enterprise-proven tool stack for development teams. Our solution is called Codeyard and has a dedicated website with a lot of marketing material.

Our turnkey solution is priced from about 15k USD for 10 users and goes up to 70k USD for 2000 users and is fully aligned with the Atlassian sales model and its tiers.

What we want: Helping you make good teams great.

Setting up a JIRA or a Bitbucket or Bamboo alone is not enough for making good teams great. Codeyard is. We (//SEIBERT/MEDIA) provide the teams with all the trainings, configuration and consulting that is needed to make the best out of a best-in-market tool stack.

What is in it for you as a partner

Theoretically everything in this project can be done by experienced consultants or other Atlassian experts. We build on more than 20 years of experience in software development, many years of that with agile methodologies. We want to help making your teams great and successfull.

Depending on your own skills and capacity you might be able to provide some of the trainings on your own, e.g. a git workshop. We'll discuss that together and will come up with an agreement that is a win-win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for partners?

We can imagine helping you as a partner in a variety of ways. We could do presentations together for customers. You may want to register them first. We could create blog posts for your weblog. We can help to create a mail campaign. We can offer branding free material about Confluence-based intranets. Just contact us if any of this sounds interesting.

I have no idea how a Codeyard project works?

We have a good documentation on all things technical, organizational and cultural change that typically goes on in such a project. We will happily share that with you in joint projects. We're here to help.

I do not like your pricing. What can I do about that?

Get in touch with us and . We have heard, that other partners can sell intranet projects for higher budgets and include more strategic and conceptional work upfront. That is totally fine.

What is the target group for the Codeyard offering?

Every dev team that is building software in a professional environment might get a lot of benefits from our Codeyard offering.

I need your logos and design elements (e.g. for a presentation). How can I get them?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with everything you need.

Do you have more info for me to look at before I make up my mind?

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