Guaranteed success with the all-inclusive project

You get perpetual licenses for Confluence, JIRA Software, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo and all add-ons from the Codeyard suite, plus a number of additional plugins to round out the Codeyard experience. On top, we will render all services necessary to realize the project, from strategic planning to installation, configuration and basic theming, to user training and support. It doesn't stop with technology. We'll be there to help you with all organizational and cultural implications throughout the whole project. We do that on site with you in person. We've got you covered to make sure your Codeyard is going to be a success.

Why Codeyard?

  • Proven and mature software tools perfectly integrated
  • Ready made configuration according to your needs
  • All services including consulting, configuration and deployment included.
  • No hidden fees. Even travelling and on-site expenses included.
  • Fixed price guarantee
  • You focus on your business. You benefit from our expertise as one of the world's biggest Atlassian partner.

Introduction of Codeyard



Overview licenses

* DrawIO102505001,0002,0003,0006,000
* User Profile102404408001,6002,4003,200
JIRA Software101,8003,3006,00012,00018,00024,000
* Script Runner10251002507501,2502,750
* Workflow Toolbox1065125245355455595
* Misc Workflow Extensions101202403605407201,400
* User Profile102404408001,6002,4003,200
* InstaPrinter101502755008501,2001,500
* XRay104808801,6003,2004,8006,400
* Script Runner101803306001,2001,6002,800
 Bamboo unlimited local agents, 10 Jobs10      
Bamboo 3 Agents, unlimited jobs 800     
Bamboo 5 Agents, unlimited jobs  2,200    
Bamboo 10 Agents, unlimited jobs   4,000   
Bamboo 25 Agents, unlimited jobs    8,0008,000 
Bamboo 100 Agents, unlimited jobs      16,000

All prices are in US$.

Pricing overview all-inclusive project



Services pricing is always oriented on the total amount of employees that will use Codeyard. So you can start with 10 Users and upgrade later. But services package will be for 100 users. 

Services Included in the Fixed Price Project 

An example of a typical project is below. Although most projects follow a similar process, needs for specific services differ. We will be at your side throughout the whole project making sure your Codeyard is a success. 


  • Kickoff Workshop
  • Project Planning
  • Codeyard Audit for existing software stack in use
  • Installation and Configuration of Codeyard licenses 
  • Installation and Configuration of Codeyard Add-ons
  • etc. 


  • Information Architecture
  • Dashboard Concept
  • Design Workshop
  • Basic Theming
  • Blueprints and Templates
  • Content Consulting
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Administrator Training 
  • etc. 


  • Rollout Planning
  • Testing
  • Add-on Training
  • User Training for Newbies 
  • User Training for Experts
  • Third Level Support for Project Team 
  • Introductory Videos and Webcasts 
  • etc. 

Terms of Payment

When taking the all-inclusive approach, we will provide you with test licenses to kick off the project. We will deliver all licenses once the production system is ready and rolled out to the first wave of users, usually 1-3 months after the project has started. Time allowed for payment is 21 days. Services will be billed according to the following schedule: 

After receipt of order30% of total
After 1 month or with prototype ready and first workshop delivered35% of total
At Go-Live of the productive system after acceptance by the purchaser35% of total


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