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Your 10 Second Summary of the event

New products: 

  1. JIRA Service Desk (1, 2)
  2. Confluence 5.3
  3. Confluence Questions
  4. HipChat Server
  5. HipChat Video



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Things about Summit 2013 we talked about

Interview: Scott Farquhar (Atlassian) About The Summit 2013, Atlassian’s Further Product Development, And The Role Of Atlassian Partners

Actual before the Atlassian Summit 2013 we had an interview with Atlassian’s co-founder and CEO Scott Farquhar. In this interview, Scott talks about the Summit 2013 keynote, a possible IPO of Atlassian, the influence of customers on the further development of products like JIRA and Confluence, and the role of Atlassian partners.

Atlassian Summit 2013: Impressions From The Ecosystem Partner Day

The worldwide Atlassian community has come together again. During October 1-3 the Atlassian Summit 2013 takes place in San Francisco. On tap are trainings, state of the union talks, presentations, sessions, panels, and of course a lot of networking. A //SEIBERT/MEDIA delegation is also on site. Before the proper initiation, Atlassian had an Ecosystem Partner day on. Here are some impressions.

Atlassian #Summit13: Impressions From The “Summit Bash!” Party

The second day of the Atlassian Summit 2013 was completed by the Summit Bash! party. At CityView at Metreon we could soak up San Francisco’s city skyline. Atlassian did spring for piles of food and drinks for all tastes and we had great fun and a lot of networking. Here are some impressions.

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