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We want to bring our customers and interested parties even closer to our Atlassian products, share updates and show case studies. For this reason, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has founded the Atlassian Enterprise Club - a forum in which our customers can exchange ideas with us as well as with each other.

As part of the Atlassian Enterprise Club, we offer you a range of useful resources relating to Atlassian products and how you can use them. Participation is free of charge for both customers and interested parties.

Being able to communicate, exchange and learn with companies that work with the same products in a similar setting is useful. For example, you can find out about the experiences of other companies in their implementation of Atlassian products and learn something about their best practices or mistakes. This is a great opportunity for everyone!

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What Participants are saying!

"Thank you for the great event! I hope the event series will continue, as it is always very valuable to exchange with colleagues."

Manager, Landesbank in Süddeutschland

"The event was a success. The ideas we took back with us translate into an added value for our business."

IT-Leiter, Logistik-Unternehmen in Süddeutschland

"Thank you again for enriching the AEC/AUG event with the visit of Jens Schumacher - in particular for my role as Add-on owner/developer, the personal exchange with Atlassian product managers is extremely helpful." 

"Thank you for the well organized event last thursday!" 


Atlassian Enterprise Club

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