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Give your SAFe® transformation a lasting push by bringing together experts in method and tooling.

The first step is always the hardest

We know - implementing SAFe® can seem intimidating. But with the right tools and especially the right partner, it doesn't have to be!

Method development and software deployment are often considered separately - in terms of time and personnel. This is obvious, because both require different expertise, experience and capacities. And ideally, the tool follows the method anyway, right?

In a scaled environment, both components are in fact two sides of the same coin: Even if the mindset was already right - to achieve an alignment of hundreds, or even thousands of people, you need a suitable tool for planning, collaboration, reporting...

In order to save valuable time and avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you develop at the same time working methods and tooling from the ground-up and always closely align them with each other. This way, your SAFe® transformation will unfold its greatest possible potential as quickly as possible.

What Is SAFe®?

The best way to your SAFe® - we will find it together

We accompany you step by step - whether you are still at the beginning of your transformation process or already want to scale to the next level: We evaluate each step together and advise you on which methods and tools are most suitable, while accompanying you through the entire process.

For each step of your journey, you will find a suitable, joint and/or aligned service offering:


Joint method-tool-assessment


SAFe® and tool trainings


Individual transformation support

Tool implementation

Tool implementation or optimization of Jira, special apps, Agile Hive or Jira Align

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