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Internal communication is an important part of every company's work. Perhaps you know the classic methods of communication from your company in the form of e-mail newsletters, telephone chains or personal conversations. Exchanging information on the progress of current projects, detailed information on company-wide topics or the self-introduction of new employees can be examples of internal communication. It is important that this information is simple, centralized and accessible to all in order to achieve a smooth exchange and good cooperation.

But sharing experiences from the everyday lives of employees can also contribute to cohesion and a better working atmosphere.

Due to the ever-advancing digital development of recent years, corporate communication is also in a constant state of change and is being optimized more and more. Digital tools help us stay up to date on the go - and keep others up to date as well. Sharing information, news and ideas plays a big role not only in our private lives, but also in our everyday working lives. And thanks to modern software, this has never been easier.

Linchpin offers you a social intranet solution that does just that and makes communication in your company even better. All users on your Linchpin intranet can use the news functions to share information and updates with their colleagues and stay up-to-date themselves. The news can be individually personalized and integrated, for example, on the dashboard or on an area start page. This ensures that all employees always receive the information that is relevant to them.

News can be shared in a short time and can be further customized with additional options. In addition, you are offered various interaction options, such as commenting on and liking news, in order to promote the exchange with your employees. And if you ever want to search for an older news item, Linchpin offers you an extensive filter function with which you can find any article again.

Of course, the news functions in Linchpin are also available when you're on the go. With the Linchpin mobile app, you can access your news from anywhere and get the latest updates and information from your colleagues.

Personalized News at Seibert Media

News is used for all kinds of longer-term news that is shared with colleagues. Prominently integrated on our Linchpin dashboard, we receive the latest updates on current projects from our product teams, for example, so that we in the company are always kept up to date. But topics such as team days or progress in the area of sustainability are also shared here in detail once again.

In our short intranet story, Christina tells us how exactly we share information digitally in a company with almost 200 employees and how the news functions of the Linchpin Intranet Suite help us in particular.

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The news portal

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The news portal is the central place for news in your company. All the latest news from your colleagues is clearly displayed here. You get all important information at a glance: Title, date of publication, name of the author and, of course, a short preview image, for a quick insight into the topic covered.

In addition to the global view of the posts, there is also the option to embed the news on any Confluence page using a macro. Here you can freely configure which news should be displayed how and the maximum number of posts loaded. The integration of the news is particularly suitable for the dashboard or area start pages.

The display of the news can be personalized. This means, for example, that you can display different news on the dashboard depending on the language or location of the employees. This ensures a clear flow of information, so that employees only see the content that is relevant to them.

Expand your news

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With Linchpin you can easily create your own news. In addition to the extensive blog article capabilities that Confluence comes with by default, you can customize your news even further with the Linchpin features.

You can schedule when your news should go online and also set an expiration date in case the information is only relevant for a certain period of time. If it's a particularly important news item, you can pin your news to the top of the news overview.

To give your colleagues a good impression of the content of your news already in the news portal, you can add supplementary content in the form of an umbrella line or a short intro. For example, the top line is ideal for an indication of the reading time.

Using the corresponding button, you can select which content should be placed as a teaser. For example, you can upload an image and then select a suitable image section.

News summarized as magazine

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With the magazines Linchpin offers you a completely new way of news display. You can combine thematically matching news as a magazine and enrich it with texts, links and more. The whole thing behaves like a classic blog, as you know it from the Internet. You can create magazines about different topics. For example, how about a collection of news about sustainability to motivate your colleagues?

You can customize the individual modules via the configuration. You can add news, texts, photos and links and thus supplement additional information on the corresponding topic.

In addition, the colors can be customized to your liking, giving each news magazine an individual touch.

News to go

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All of Linchpin's news features are available not only for desktop, but also mobile for your smartphone or tablet. So you can read new news, search and filter past news, and browse through your magazines on the go or in between.

Linchpin is available as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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