Internal event planning

Use the Linchpin Intranet Suite to bring people together, strengthen the team spirit and create a greater sense of unity. It's easy to create events, make colleagues aware of them and easily organize training sessions, hackathons or joint celebrations - whether locally, as hybrid events or remotely.

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Planning events and bringing colleagues together

Internal events are probably also part of the daily routine in your company. Daily team meetings, weekly coordination or the simple exchange with your colleagues help to work together on topics more effectively. In many companies, meetings are a very important part of the daily work and therefore indispensable.

But of course, internal events do not always pursue business goals alone. Team days or company celebrations can strengthen the sense of unity, improve cohesion and motivate employees. Internal events can therefore be one of the key factors for a better working atmosphere.

In many companies, we are currently observing a process of change with regard to the choice of the workplace. The current trend? Geting away from the classic desktop workstation in the office and exploring flexible working options, depending on the individual needs. Companies need to get creative in order to integrate employees who work from home (and thus remotely) into their daily work and meeting routine. The question of how to bring people who don't work at the same location together quickly and effectively is therefore becoming increasingly pressing.

Internal events are therefore useful in many different places. But they also need to be well-planned. With Linchpin, we offer you a social intranet solution that makes event planning easier in your day-to-day work. The event portal gives you a precise overview of all upcoming events in your company and allows you to sign-up for and, if necessary, sign-out of events quickly. With just a few clicks, you can create a new event and share it directly with your colleagues. If the event is to take place remotely or as a hybrid event, you can make this clear when you create the event and add a link to a video conference.

Linchpin adapts to your existing environment: Event planning can be integrated into your systems easily. For example, you can synchronize your appointments with your Google calendar from Google Workspace, so you can always keep track of all your appointments.

Internal event planning at Seibert Media

At Seibert Media, we use the event features on many different occasions. Organizing training sessions, hackathons, open-space conferences or joint celebrations is easy this way. But also events like game nights, after-work drinks and cake lunches with new team members become visible and available for everyone thanks to Linchpin events - and also work remotely.

In our short intranet story, Christina explains exactly how we plan internal events in a company with almost 200 employees and which functions of the Linchpin Intranet Suite help us in particular.

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The event portal

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The event portal is the central point of contact with all events in your company. Here you will find an overview of all events that are coming up in the near future.

Using the filter function, you can narrow down the search results with keywords or by selecting a specific location or date. Upcoming events can be displayed in a tile view or as a list. In both views, you can see all relevant information at a glance, and you can sign-up for or sign-out of events with just one click.

In addition, the sidebar provides access to your event categories, which makes it possible to search for specific events of specific categories.

Create Events

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If you want to create a new event, Linchpin offers you a variety of configuration options. In addition to the essential information such as title, date and location, the event configuration also includes some practical additional fields.

You can specify whether an event is planned on-site, remotely or hybridly and add a conference link if necessary. With the help of the integrated image portal Unsplash, events can be personalized quickly and easily. A nice image makes a good impression and lets the participants know immidiately what they can expect from your event. It also makes your intranet more dynamic. You can also enter more information about your event in the description field. You can also configure permissions (to enable participants to sign-up their colleagues, too, for example), add the event to a category and link it to a Confluence page (where more and really detailed information regarding the event can be found).

The 'Options' section provides you with further options, such as limiting the number of participants or regulating the visibility of already signed-up participants.

Share Events

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Do you want to generate more attention for your event? Via the options menu, you have several possibilities to share an event with others.

On the one hand, there is the option to copy the event URL to the clipboard. You can then share the link easily with your colleagues via Google Chat, email or the communication software of your choice. They will then have direct access to the even, including all the important information, and sign-up for it. On the other hand, you can also post an event directly to the microblog. To do this, simply select the corresponding option in the menu and create your post. After you have assigned your post to a topic, you can write a text, mention other employees or generate some attention with a picture or a GIF.

After publishing your microblog post, your colleagues can respond to it with likes and comments. In fact, they can even sign-up for the event with just one click, directly from within the microblog.

Events 2 go

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All event functions of Linchpin are not only available for desktop, but for mobile devices, too. This way, you can find out about the upcoming events of the day and sign-up for new events while you're on the go. Of course, you can also create new events on the go and invite colleagues accordingly.

Linchpin is available as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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