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To ensure that employees feel comfortable digitally, it is important to provide a simple and understandable user interface. This creates ease and joy at work. As soon as you log in, you are greeted by your company logo and the color scheme creates a familiar environment. Thanks to the many theming options, administrators can also customize Linchpin Hey to suit you and your needs. This guarantees that everyone will get the hang of it after a short time.

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As an admin, you have extensive possibilities to adapt Linchpin Hey to the needs of your company. The company name and logo immediately attract attention and create a recognition value so that your colleagues can immediately find their way around digitally. Linchpin Hey also offers the option of deactivating individual features for your workspace. This way, the system only shows employees the functions they actually use.

The magic is always in the detail

Admin feature

When it comes to personalization in Linchpin Hey, company name and logo are just the beginning. The Theming tab holds many more personalization options for administrators. Round corners and shading or rather clear edges? Decide for yourself what best suits your corporate identity. In addition, the color customization options also help you to represent your corporate design in Linchpin Hey.

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