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    Early 2022     Mid 2022     Late 2022    

Early 2022

Official release of Linchpin Hey

Linchpin Hey finally leaves the beta phase and gets an official licensing model.

Shareable Content

To make content even easier to consume and generate more interactions, we make it possible to share news, events and teams in posts.

Sharing Files and Documents

In order to further improve fast and uncomplicated communication at eye level with the help of posts, we enable the sharing of documents and files.

User Onboarding

To make Linchpin Hey even simpler and more intuitive as a self-service product, we are expanding user onboarding. This way, users understand the product easily and can start using it right away.

Azure Connection

Connection of individual, cloud-based external user directories.

Improving the app experience

We're shipping some features that are already available in the web app and generally working on the UX experience in the mobile app.


With Challenges, we offer content-based, fun challenges that can be successfully completed by posting content in Hey, for instance.

Translation of Linchpin Hey

The personal experience of a product depends not insignificantly on the understanding and the language of the product. Making Hey available in one's own language is therefore an important part of the acceptance of Hey in the company.

Topics in Posts

With Topics, we create a way to structure content across products and thereby assign it to content clusters.

Improving the post timeline

As usage increases, the post timeline also fills up more and more, so meaningful interaction between timeline and single post and associated post comments plays a big role. That's why we're working on how to display posts and associated comments in the timeline in the future.

Mid 2022

Atlassian Integration

Existing integration points of Atlassian products in Hey will be further extended to enable true "integrated working".

New News features

Both the news editor and the news as a whole feature receive a number of improvements.

Improving events

Event features in Linchpin are gradually becoming more and more integrated into everyday calendar life.

Launchpad 2.0

Launchpad gets a major update that includes favorites, categorization and sorting.

Notifications 2.0

We extend the notifications with additional sources and more detailed information. We also offer notifications about "trending topics" and new topics.

Related Content

We point users to possible additional, interesting and suitable content.

Professional onboarding

We create an opportunity to welcome employees to the company individually and in a fun way as part of the professional onboarding process.

Sharing external content

In Linchpin Hey, external files and file formats such as Google Docs, Confluence pages or Microsoft Office documents will also be shareable.

Dashboard 2.0

The Hey Dashboard is being enhanced extensively to make it easy to see the most important things at a glance, keep up with relevant changes, and see exactly what is needed at any given moment.

Late 2022

Microsoft Teams integration

We are creating an integration of Hey into existing Microsoft Teams environments to drive greater business adoption.

Google Workspace integration

We identify meaningful places to combine workflows from everyday work with Google products with Hey.

Phone book

To ensure good and productive cooperation, we offer a simple and fast way of contacting each other and checking current statuses.

Suggested content

Based on interactions between users, attention to content through "reads" or interactions with the content, we make recommendations and make the Hey experience even more personalized.

Simplify content creation

With useful hints, blueprints or even other ideas, we simplify the creation of individual content types.

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