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Introduce yourself to your new colleagues, share insights about your projects, or share whatever you want. Whether you're at work, in your home office or on the road, Linchpin Hey offers you an easy way to share your news within the company. Stay up to date yourself and get exciting insights into the work of other teams.

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Highlight individual passages, integrate quotes into your texts and embed YouTube videos to make your messages even more interesting. Linchpin Hey offers you a variety of tools to generate more attention for your content. You can also assign your news to a category and tag it to keep it visible for a long time. Now you can add an image and set the date of publication and your first news is ready to be shared!

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Laugh, cry, clap, love - show your colleagues that their work is seen. And if you have a question, just use the comment function and ask! Linchpin Hey wants to encourage more conversation and sharing among employees. Contributors are always happy to receive feedback, so next time just leave a like and share your thoughts in the comments.

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