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This page is intended to provide a brief overview of the features of Linchpin Hey.

Getting Started

- Visit or download the mobile app (iOS & Android)
- Login and signup → Apple ID & Google login, e-mail & password
- Start your workspace from scratch or with demo content

Branding & Theming

- Upload a logo
- Change your workspace's name
- Define the color scheme of your intranet based on default colors or hex code
- Preview what the theme will look like for web and mobile

User Management

- Invite users based on e-mail address
- Provide administrative access
- See a list of pending invites
- See a list of people who have already joined the workspace
- Revoke invitations
- Copy personal invitation links

Create News

- Show news on the dashboard
- Create news
- Upload images
- Insert images from Unsplash with the built-in image search
- Insert links
- Define teaser images for the dashboard and news magazines
- Show a list of news → news magazines
- Save news article as drafts
- React to news articles (like and comment)


- Activate the Confluence Cloud and/or Jira Cloud integration
- Show last updated pages on the dashboard
- Show updated Jira issues on the dashboard
- Activate the Google calendar integration
- Show today's meetings on the dashboard


- Create a collection of useful apps
- Let the Launchpad automatically fetch the app's metadata (title and logo)
- Access your favorite apps with only one click
- Open the apps in new tabs


- Create your own events
- Sign up for events
- Sign out of events
- See all upcoming events
- View all events created by you

Social Timelines

- Display the social timeline on your dashboard
- Create your own posts
- Comment on posts
- React on posts and comments
- Use links and text formatting
- Copy direct links to posts


- React to your colleagues' content
- Choose from a variety of reactions/emojis
- React to news, comments & posts
- Works on web and mobile

Linchpin Hey Mobile

Experience modern collaboration on-the-go. At your desk or in your pocket - because we know that not everyone works in an office.
Linchpin Hey is available for Android, iOS and web.

You can also find further information on the features of
Linchpin Hey on our website



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