If you're using Confluence Cloud, you can also integrate Linchpin Hey to see your content inside your knowledge management tool.  

How to get started

Visit the Atlassian marketplace or open the Find new apps sections within your Confluence Cloud instance. Search for Linchpin and you'll see the marketplace listing. Follow the installation instructions. 

Set up the connection

Open the Linchpin configuration within the Confluence Cloud administration panel. If you're already logged in to your Linchpin account you'll get a list of the available workspaces. If not or if you don't have a workspace yet, open app.linchpin-hey.com . Log in or create your workspace. 

Choose the workspace you want to connect to your Confluence Cloud instance. Notice that you have to be an administrator of the connected workspace. 

You can decide wether you want to add Linchpin Quicklinks to your Confluence navigation bar. We recommend this in order to make navigating to Linchpin Hey easy for your users. 


After connecting you'll have the following features:

  • Linchpin Hey Quicklink within the Confluence navigation bar 
  • Linchpin News Quicklink within the Confluence navigation bar
    • You'll get a list of the latest news from your connected Linchpin workspace
  • News macro
    • You can add a macro which shows the dashboard news from your connected Linchpin workspace

Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/heyconfluence 

This content was last updated on 03/14/2022.

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