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Give Confluence more identity thanks to your Corporate Design, rich user profiles and better orientation.

Linchpin Essentials is a Confluence-based solution for more user acceptance and better teamwork.

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Access Confluence content easily and quickly

Help your colleagues to find information relevant to them faster.

With Linchpin Essentials, content which is relevant to everyone is available in a central place and at all times. The integrated navigation menus raise acceptance and save invaluable time. Additionally, you can link further content using attractive teaser boxes.

Use Linchpin Essentials to create a wiki in which everyone can find their way around easily.

Enhance your Confluence profiles

Give your users a face and encourage networking.

When people work together, they want to know each other. They want to know who they are dealing with. Profile avatars, responsibilities, expertise and personal contact data contribute to the growth of organic networking.

With Linchpin Essentials, you can create filterable phone books and expert directories, find the right contact easily or grow your network.

Confluence is a central knowledge management system - Linchpin Essentials makes it one with class.

Design Confluence in a way that fits your organization

If your collaboration software looks familiar, your employees will be happy to use it. Linchpin Essentials brings your company's corporate design into your Confluence wiki - quickly, intuitively and without any need for programming knowledge. This way, you can create a digital work environment which perfectly fits your use cases and even supplements them.

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Confluence is a knowledge management system – get more out of it and bring it to the next level!

Linchpin Essentials is a Confluence-based solution which increases the acceptance among your employees and improves teamwork. It's a streamlined solution for organizations which want to get more out of Confluence.

  • An individualized design increases the acceptance among the users and makes your intranet fun to work with
  • Intuitive navigation menus  save invaluable time
  • Filterable phone books and a central people directory help with day-to-day work
  • Attractive design elements will help you to structure your Confluence content

With the help of Linchpin Essentials you can create a wiki in which every user will know their way around intuitively.

License costs

The license authorizes the installation of Linchpin Essentials in one Confluence instance as well as in associated test instances. The installation of Linchpin Essentials in additional Confluence instances is not permitted. Updates of Linchpin Essentials are provided free of charge for a period of 12 months after license purchase. Once the initial support phase ended, a license renewal can be be performed. The renewed license is valid for 12 months and entitles you to free updates during this time period. License renewals cost 50% of the initial license price.

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