When you save content, like a news article, for example, the content of the article (or a page for that matter) is being duplicated.


This is not an issue with Linchpin. This is an issue with Confluence. For more information, see [CONFSERVER-59227] Duplicate content shown when editing a page.


  1. In the editor of a news article or a Confluence page, click on the  Ellipsis (...) button.
  2. Click on the  Revert to last published version button.


Atlassian have tried to fix this bug in versions 7.12.3 and 7.13.0 of Confluence.

Update your Confluence to 7.12.3 or 7.13.0 and see if it fixes it for you.

Please note: The current fix won't work in 100% of the cases. For more information, please refer [CONFSERVER-59227] Duplicate content shown when editing a page to the issue.

This page was last edited on 05/22/2023.