Mass importing diagrams from Gliffy to

You want to migrate over to from Gliffy but aren't sure how? Easy! In there's a built-in mass import function for Gliffy diagrams. Nothing can stand in the way of a quick and easy switch to You'll find a quick-answer guide to some basic questions in case you need time to consider a changeover. If you've already decided to switch to, take a look at the Mass Import Guide to help you with your migration.

Why should you change at all?

When you decide to change from Gliffy to, you're switching to a diagramming solution that has been around for nearly 2 decades. is continuously developed and is supported by a large community.

How do you carry out the migration?

With our Gliffy Mass Import guide, you'll be able to follow the entire migration process, step by step. In the case of some of the more complex Gliffy diagrams, you might not be able to change the formatting. This is however not an issue because we will customize the migration script for you - just contact us!

Do I have to purchase to migrate?

No, there is no commitment necessary in order to carry out a migration. We have made a test system available to our customers with which you can perform the migration. A test license that is valid for 30 days is also included. Get free trial via Atlassian Marketplace

How long does the import take?

The import depends on the number and the complexity of the existing diagrams, and doesn't normally take longer than a few minutes. With just a click, all of your Gliffy diagrams within a Confluence instance can be imported into → Gliffy Mass Import Guide

What happens to your Gliffy files?

You will NOT lose the Gliffy diagrams after they are imported. Migration to doesn’t mean deleting any existing Gliffy data. All Gliffy diagrams remain attached to their respective Confluence pages as .png and .gliffy files. We performed the migration hundreds of times now, also on large Confluence instances. We are confident you will stay with, keeping the Gliffy files is just to leave all options open to you.

You have individual specifications for your migration?

Should you need further information regarding your migration to, we will be more than happy to help you out. Contact us!

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