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Users don't see news which they should see

Did you configure the nest digest email and a user received it but can't see news which you wanted them to see?

If that's the case, there are 3 possible explanations:

1) The user has no reading permission for the configured news items.

Example: The latest news were published to  space A, but the user has no reading permission in  space A.

Solution: Change the permissions or configure the digest to feature news which the user can actually view.

2) The news items have been published longer ago than your schedule collets news.

Example: Your latest news was published on at 8 AM on March 11th, but your schedule is configured to send the digest every day and the next digest will be sent at 11 PM on March 12th. This means that the latest news won't be included because the digest will only collect the news from the last 24 hours, beginning at 11 PM on March 12th (there are more than 24 hours between 8 AM on March 11th and 11 PM on March 12th).

Solution: Change the configuration for the schedule to include more recent news.

There are two possible ways to do that.

a) Enter a bigger interval in the  Digest is sent every x days/weeks/months  section.

For example: If you configure the digest to be sent every 12 months, the digest will include all news published in the last 12 months (beginning from the configured date of the next digest).

b) Change the date of the next digest to be sent. 

For example: Following the example above, set the digest to be sent at 7:30 AM on March 12th (the interval between the two dates equals 23,5h and the latest news will be included).

3) Your set of rules doesn't include news items.

Example: You configured the digest to feature news from  space A  only. However, no news have been published to this space within the configured interval.

Solution: Change the rules so that all news which you want to include are actually included.

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This page was last edited on 06/05/2024.