A typical notification after a user mentions you in a micropost.

If a user replies to your micropost or you get mentioned in a micropost, you'll get an email notification (if you configured your account to receive notifications).

The notification emails contain the micropost with complete context (i.e., all replies), and with all attached images.

You can directly view, answer and like the micropost.

Receive a daily digest or instantly for every new post

If you want to know what is going on inside your confluence microblog, but you can't access your intranet because you are out of office (and maybe your confluence is behind a firewall), the daily digest or instantly email features are what you are looking for.

Simply click the watch button on your global timeline and get an email with all unread posts.

If you cannot see the watch button, your administrator has disabled the daily digest feature of the microblog.

You can choose between a daily digest and an instantly email for every new post. You can also set the hour when you want to receive your daily digest.

In both cases, you will only receive an email notification for the selected topics or spaces.

You receive the daily digest at your time - you don't have to care about the server time anymore.

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