Inserting a Microblig Timeline in a wiki page

Within the "Microblog Timeline" macro you have a powerful configuration to customize your timeline.

Add macro

  1. Create or edit a page.
  2. Add "Other macro".
  3. Search for "microblog timeline" in the macro selector and add the "Microblog Timeline".
  4. Configure Macro
  5. Click on "Insert".
  6. Click on "Save". - You should see microposts - if any exist - in your Confluence wiki.

Your admin has to configure at least one topic to get the microblog timeline to work - otherwise you are not able to write a micropost.
Please notice that it is not possible to add more than one Microblog Timeline to a single Confluence page.

This shows a configuration for a "space timeline".

Configure macro

1. Default timeline

Choose the default source for this microblog and configure which posts are displayed initially.
Depending on this configuration you have different parameters to set. (See Configuration combinations)

  • Global: Initially shows the "global timeline" with posts from all spaces and topics.
  • Space: Initially shows a "space timeline" with posts from the specified space.
  • Topic: Initially shows a "topic timeline" with posts from the specified topic. The user can switch to other topics.
  • Can be left empty, so users have to choose a topic first to write Micropost.

2. Space

Choose the space from which the microposts should be loaded. 
If you don't find the space you want to use you have to add a topic to this space in the administration first!

3. Default topic for posting

Select a topic where the microposts should be stored by default. When using a space timeline, the dropdown is restricted to topics from the specified space. Can be left empty, so users have to choose a topic first to write Microposts

4. Topic

Choose the topic from which the microposts should be loaded and where they should be stored by default.

5. Limit number of microposts shown

Optionally enter the number of microposts displayed on a page - default is 20 and max is 100. The limit applies to "parent" microposts, not to replies. When there are more posts in the microblog, a "Show more posts" link is displayed.

6. Limit number of replies shown

Optionally enter the number of initially displayed replies to each micropost - default is 3. When there are more replies to a micropost, they can be viewed by clicking on a "X more replies" link.

Configuration combinations

Space (2)

Default topic for posting (3)

Topic (4)


Personal timeline, filter and search

With the sidebar you can

  • define your own Microblog Timeline (personal timeline) depending on your interests 
  • filter which topics or spaces you want to see in your timeline 
  • search for content and hashtags 

Set your personal timeline

My stream (former My spaces & topics)

Click on the Gear symbol on the right. You are then redirected to the portal view where you can define your personal timeline.

Now you can set the spaces and topics your are interested in and which should be shown in your timeline.

You can choose the all spaces and topics or just some spaces and some topics.

Filter which topics or spaces you want to see

Click on the page tree icon on the top left and select a topic or space in the flyout. Now the timeline only shows posts of the selected topic or space and you'll also see a hint next to the page tree icon. Click on back tic icon and the filter's deactivated.

Search for content and hashtags

Click on the magnifying glass icon to use the full text search function. You can search for content or hashtags.

E.g. type in "microblog" and hit the icon or use "Enter" on your keyboard. You'll see your search highlighted and also a hint "Your search result:". Click on "back tic icon" on the top left to delete your search.

With "Advanced Search" in the portal view you can specify your search for author or period. You can also define in which spaces or topics you want to search (standard is searching in your personal timeline).

Notification for new posts

If new posts are available, you'll get a notification in your timeline - load them by clicking.

New Posts are highlighted with a "NEW" label.

Shortened microposts

Your admin can activate "shortened microposts" so that microposts are shortened depending on a defined height. In this case you'll see a "Show more" button.

The macro can be configured to restrict the topic filter to a given space. The filter and search function is still available, but you're not able to define your personal timeline.

The macro can also be configured to only show a given topic and not display the sidebar at all.
(See Configure Macro)

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