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How to access the Theme Wizard

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin Theme → Configuration.

Alternatively, click on the settings icon in your Linchpin header, then click on Theme.

On the very top of the configuration page, click on the Start Theming Wizard button. 

Before you start

If you have a fresh installation of Linchpin Theme, you can start into the wizard right away. 

If, however, you already have configured a theme you are happy with, please be careful!

The wizard will replace your configuration for good. To keep your configuration, click on the export the current configuration link above the Start Theming Wizard button. You can later import your theme from this file.

How to use the wizard

The wizard is relatively simple and light-weighted. There are two steps to this configuration.

The color picker offers smooth color transitions. It looks a little "weird" in the GIF because of the compression. (smile)

Click on the Upload file button and select your image (PNG/JPEG). The size of the image should not exceed 560 x 140 px

When you are ready, click on the Next button.

Select a primary color

A primary color is the main color of the theme. It is used for buttons, links and other highlights.

The wizard pre-selects a primary color based on the logo you uploaded. If you are happy with the wizard's selection, you are done. 

If you wish to change the pre-selected color, then enter the color's hex value manually or click on the colored square to enter the built-in color picker.

Save the theme

When you are done, click on the Save button.

Make sure that your theme is active

Please note: Make sure that Linchpin Theme is active.

Visit our documentation on how to activate your theme to learn more.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.