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Users must agree to the term

Before a user logs into Confluence, a page with your Terms of Use will be displayed. If the user denies the terms they will be redirected to the login page.
After accepting the terms, the user will be logged in and their agreement will be stored. They will have to accept the Terms of Use only if the administrator changes the terms.
A user can view or revoke their agreement at any time. On revoking, they are logged out and can only use the system again if they agree to the terms when they try to log in.

Configure the terms

Administrators can configure a custom title, usage hint and the terms of use itself in Confluence administration console.
You can use HTML to format the usage hint and terms of use, like adding headlines, paragraphs, etc.
Select individual users and Confluence groups to be notified when any user revokes their agreement.

Change the terms

As an administrator you can edit the terms whenever you need to.
After an administrator edits the terms, all users must agree again to the changed terms when they next try to log in.

Comply with the GDPR

As an administrator you can see which users have accepted the terms and when they gave their agreement.
This is important, because to comply with the GDPR, you need to get every user's permission to store and use their data within your system.

Data Center

Terms of Use works with Data Center.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.