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What is the Spaces macro?

The Spaces macro displays a list of spaces. You can define what spaces appear in this list. The Spaces macro is available since Linchpin Theme 2.18. With this macro, you can insert a list of spaces into any page. The list offers opportunity to mark spaces as favorites, to visit them and to get some information about them.

A max. amount of 24 spaces ist shown by default. If you have more than 24 spaces, a button will appear. Click the button to load more spaces.

How can I configure the Spaces macro?

You can choose from these settings:

All spaces

Choose this option to display all existing spaces in your system.


Favorite spaces

Choose favorite spaces to display only those spaces which the user has favorited.


Global spaces

Choose global spaces to display a list of all public spaces. Global spaces are site spaces which are available to all users.

Some spaces like personal spaces can be set to private. Private spaces won't be shown here.

Archived spaces

Choose this option to display a list of spaces which are archived.

By category

If you choose this option, only spaces with certain categories will be displayed in the list. You can enter any space category into the input field. Only spaces which have this category assigned to them will be displayed.

By space name

If you choose this option, you can select which spaces appear in the list. Enter the names of the spaces you want to be displayed.

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