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What is the Setup Assistant?

The Setup Assistant will greet you after a fresh installation or update of the Linchpin Intranet Suite. It will take you through a very quick setup of Linchpin.

You can select a pre-configured dashboard (or use your own if you have one already), upload your logo as a header and select a primary color.

The assistant will then configure your first theme for you, create the navigation and give you a pre-configured dashboard (if you selected one), so that you can start using Linchpin without much hassle.

What can be configured?

Click on the Start Setup Assistant button to get started.

In the first step, the assistant will ask you to upload a logo.

Click on the Upload logo button to open a file browser. Select the image you wish to use as your logo and click on the Next button.

In the second step, the assistant will give you some colors to choose from. The color you can choose here will be used as your primary color (for example for buttons).

Select a color and click on the Next button.

Click within the Your choice color field to open a color picker and select a custom color!

Then, select a dashboard variant.

You can select the News Dashboard, the Collaboration Dashboard or proceed without a pre-configured dashboard (to do so, select No, thanks!).

Click on the Show Example button below the dashboard button to see how said dashboard will look like.

News Dashboard

Collaboration Dashboard

In the next step, you have to select if you wish to load demo data.

The demo data consists of a special navigation and a new space filled with the demo content. The demo content provides many useful information, especially if you are new to Linchpin. You can view a to-do list for useful configuration tips and/or you can view some news which will tell you where to get help and how to create your own news.

If you wish to load demo data, activate the Start with demo data slider button (it should be green).

Demo data contains:

  • Checklist to start with Linchpin
  • Overview of all Linchpin macros
  • Helpful blog posts or News
  • Example events
  • Examples of posts in the social timeline

Be aware that your account will appear as the creator of all demo content, as it's connected to the logged-in user.

Here you can see a dashboard filled with demo data and already existing content.

Finally, click on the Show me my dashboard button to complete the setup and get started with your own Linchpin instance!

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.