Personalize your news app. Use one macro to display different news to different user groups.

Personalization explained

To personalize the macro Blog post as News or the News homepage feed, you will need to define news sections. Personalized macros can displayed different news to different user groups.

What are news sections?

News sections group conditions. Generally, the conditions are made of two parts:

News sources

First select wether you like to use spaces or labels to define the sources. Now define the spaces or labels that contain the news articles/blog posts you want to define in this section. Leave blank to include all blog posts from all spaces.

News readers/eligible users

Define which user groups should be able to see the news from the previously defined spaces or labels.


You can rename your news sections. Simply click on the name of the section to change it.

This content was last updated on 01/30/2023.

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