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What is the News Hub?

Very often dashboards or space homepages display news. Usually they don't display all news, though. Your dashboard news might be limited to specific news categories or labels.

Linchpin 2.2 introduced the News Hub - a central page dedicated to news. Here you can find all news, even blog posts from personal spaces (if your administrator activated this option). Numerous filters will help you find the right news articles faster.



Where to find the News Hub

There are multiple ways to access the News Hub.

Firstly, you can find it in the application overview in the header area.

Click on the compass button to open the app overview. 

Then, click on the News Hub button.

Secondly, you can access the News Hub from the footer.

And if all else fails, you can add this address to your Confluence URL to directly access the News Hub:


Using the search

Initially the News Hub will show you all the news in your system.

Please note

If a news item is set to "sticky status", this doesn't show in the News Hub. The order of the news is strictly chronological.

Using the search works exactly the same as using the Confluence search.

Enter a search term, hit enter or click the search icon, and the overview will show you all the news containing your search term.

If you enter two terms, the overview will show all news containing both terms.

The News Hub search considers the title, content, kicker line and intro text of a news article.




To search for things like categories or labels, you'll use the filters as described below.


You can use special operators for your search. For an overview of those operators please refer to this page within the Confluence documentation.

If you want to revert your search and display all news again, empty the search bar and hit enter.

Using Filters

Additionally to the search, the News Hub provides up to five filters. How many filters are available for you depends on the configuration the administrator has made.

The filter names can also be chosen freely by your administrator. It is possible that your filter names vary vastly from the ones we describe here (the functions, however, are the same).



Filter by space

Use this filter to find news from specific spaces only.

For example, entering the Space "Washington News" into this filter will only display news found in the "Washington News" space.

You can enter multiple spaces here - in this case news from any of those spaces will be displayed.


Filter by author

Select one or multiple users. The News Hub will only display news published by this user/these users.

If your administrator enabled it in the configuration, you can also find news/blog posts published in users' personal spaces.


Filter by label

This filter uses Confluence labels and works just like the category or space filter.

Enter the labels you are interested in and the News Hub will display news which contain such labels.

Filter by news category

This filter works just like the label or space filter.

Enter (one or more) news categories you want to search for and the News Hub will display news which have at least one of those categories assigned to them.

Filter by space category 

NEW IN 2.15

This filter works just like the label, space or news category filter.

Enter (one or more) space categories you want to search for and the News Hub will display news which have at least one of those categories assigned to them.


Filter by date range

Enter a start and an end date.

The News Hub will only display news published between those two dates.

You can leave one of the two fields empty.

Leave out the first field to start with the oldest available news.

Leave out the last field to display news "published until today".

What else can I do with Linchpin Enterprise News?

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This page was last edited on 06/04/2024.