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How to migrate profile data to Linchpin User Profiles

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile Migration.

Here you will find one button: Start migration.

Click on the Start migration button. That's all. You're done!

What data will be migrated?

Every Confluence installation has a set of default profile fields: Phone, IM, Website, Position, Department, Location.

If you wish to migrate old data to your Linchpin User Profiles installation, the profile fields described above will be imported.


Data migration should be the first thing you do after you have installed Linchpin User Profiles.

Any data you entered into LUP profile fields will be overwritten by the migrated Confluence data!

When Confluence master data is changed, it is not transferred to the Custom User Profile, which can lead to inconsistent data. 

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.