Creating new menus and adjusting existing ones can be done in the menu overview.

The menu overview is the central configuration place. Here you can create new menus, delete some menus or make changes (i.e. restricting the visibility or changing the color) to existing menus.

Navigate to Settings → Menu.

Alternatively, click on Get started or Configure while viewing the app in the universal plugin manager.

That's it!

When you visit the menu overview for the first time, a 'quick start' guide will be displayed. It will show you around the most important configuration areas.

To create a new menu, click on the "Create menu" button in the upper right corner. A menu will appear in the list of available menus. You can now make changes to it by selecting the right option in the Actions tab.

You can personalize your navigation menu. Personalization is based upon Confluence user groups. Each menu can be assigned to one or more groups. When doing so, users in these groups will be shows this menu, that is specially tailored for them. 

To assign user groups to a menu make sure that your mouse is hovering over the right menu and click on the menu settings (small cogwheel icon) button. 

In the group assignment section, enter the user groups that this menu should be displayed to. Confirm your changes.

Please note

This is not a security feature. It can not be used to restrict menus to be visible to other people. While the menu does not expose the content behind the menus links, always tread the menus as visible for all. This is especially important for the default menu.

Don't forget: Your menu needs to be activated. Make sure that your mouse is hovering over the right menu and click on the menu settings (small cogwheel icon) button. 

Find the visibility section and activate the slide button (it should turn green). Confirm your changes.

Menu colors can be changed within the menu overview. While hovering your mouse pointer over the correct menu, click on the menu settings button.

A configuration sidebar will open. Here, in the Theming section, you can select a new color. Confirm your changes by pressing the button.

To delete a menu, click on the context menu button (an icon that resembles an ellipsis) located in the Actions configuration table tab.

Now, select the Delete menu option. A warning will pop-up and ask you if you're sure - confirm your changes by hitting the red Delete button.

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