Mail Page makes it possible to share a whole Confluence page via mail. Learn how to configure the app.


Navigate to Confluence Administration → Mail Page → Configuration.

Maximum length of a side of an image in pixels

Enter the pixel value (number only - (tick) 200 (error) 200px) of the side length of an image here.

Images larger than the value entered here will be scaled down.

Image without scaling

Image scaled to 200px

Default mail server for the app

Select the mail server which Mail Page should use to send mails.

You can select only the mail servers already configured in your Confluence system.

Recipients limit

Enter the number of recipients your mail server can handle at once (as in: in a single e-mail).

The default are 100 recipients for one mail.

Which logo do you want to be displayed in the header of the email?

Select use site logo to display the logo of your Confluence instance.

Select use space logo to display the logo of the space in which the page is located within.

Don't forget to click on the Save button at the end to confirm your changes.

This content was last updated on 11/04/2022.

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