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Release 1.0.0

Initial marketplace release


  • Define which macros should be deactivated.

  • Choose if deactivated macros should still be visible for administrators.

Release 1.0.1

  • Macro names will be displayed in the current user language now.

  • We fixed some issues regarding the IE 11.

Release 1.0.2

  • We improved the invalidation of the cache.

Release 1.0.3

  • We fixed a bug that allowed hidden macros to appear in the "+" macro dropdown.

Release 1.0.4

  • We fixed broken macro icons in the administration section for Confluences with a context path. 
  • We fixed the click handling inside the dropdown list of the editor.
  • We fixed the option to block macros for administrators for macros inside the dropdown list of the editor.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.