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Search result preview improvements & bugfixes


  • In the past, a regular Confluence search that had users as a result randomly showed some of their profile data in the search results. We changed this so it now shows only those fields that have been configured to be shown in a profile header as well. Looks much cleaner that way.


  • Linchpin User Profiles caused a small display issue when when using Language Manager dropdown fields. We fixed this.
  • Profile fields tended to break when switching from field type Cascading Multi Select to a regular Multi Select type. This has been fixed.

3.9.1 & 3.9.2 Bugfix release

  • We fixed a critical bug which broke the quick search.


People Search & List macro improvements


  • The macro People Search & List now features an expert mode to select users via CQL statements.
  • You want to insert a birthday list for today or this week using the People Search & List macro? Now you can!


  • The macro "My Contacts" refused to filter properly when configured with groups to filter. It now does.
  • The macro "Content Responsibility" wasn't clickable when no additional information was selected. It now is.
  • When selecting users by group in the People Search & List macro, we now correctly show all chosen profile fields.
  • We fixed a small UI issue in the configuration mask of the People Search & List macro.

3.8.1 Bugfix release

  • We fixed a broken rendering when exporting the People Search & List macro to PDF.

3.8.2 Bugfix release

3.8.3 Bugfix release

  • We ensured compatibility with the app Space Privacy when using the People Search & List macro. Please be sure to use Space Privacy version 3.7.2 or higher for this to work.
  • We fixed a bug that made it impossible to configure the People Search & List macro to only show the name and contact columns.
  • When searching for people by date, it could happen that wrong users were shown around the end of a year. This has been fixed.
  • While editing a profile or configuring the profile contents, category names were not translated. They are now.

3.8.4 Bugfix release

  • Using options beginning with # in multi select profile fields didn't work. It does now.

3.8.5 Bugfix release

  • We fixed a bug that rendered search and filter functions in the People Search & List macro useless while using the Expert Mode.
  • We fixed a broken link to a user's content responsibilities tab in their profile occurring with Confluence 8.5.5.
  • We fixed a possible "duplicate entry" issue when installing Linchpin User Profiles.
  • We fixed issues with profile background images when running Confluence on Windows Server.

3.8.5 Compatibility release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.

3.8.6 Compatibility release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.

3.8.7 Bugfix / Compatibility release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.
  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.9's new profile picture features.
  • We fixed some tooltips that weren't working anymore with Confluence 8.8 and higher.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented finding users by searching their name in a user field.
  • We fixed the inactive "Save" button issue in the People Search & List macro configuration.
  • We updated the CQL help screen for the expert mode for the People Search & List macro.
  • The HTTP header for xml import from web servers did not request for xml responses. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the People Search & List macro that in some cases showed a different version of the profile picture than other macros.
  • We fixed a bug that made the preview of the People Search & List macro not work when using the expert mode.
  • Order by in CQL statement of People Search & List macro's expert mode now works correctly.
  • We fixed People Search & List macro's list view that was broken with Refined Theme.


New People Search & List Macro and Bugfixes


  • There's a new macro in town: a combined search and list macro for users. Functionality, look and feel are inspired by the people directory.


  • We fixed a bug that wrongly showed some tabs in profiles of other people that only belong in your own profile.
  • We fixed an error that occurred when a field label went missing.
  • Rendering of phone numbers was not consistent throughout all of Linchpin. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug which could lead to very long sync times when using the "User Sync" app by re:solution.

3.7.1 Patch / bugfix release

  • We improved accessibility when navigating and editing your profile.
  • We fixed a bug that made pages almost unusable when using a "Code block" macro.
  • In the preview of the "My contacts" macro, the list of users is displayed.
  • In a fresh install, the email address was missing from the list view in the people directory. This has been fixed.
  • We corrected a wrong error message when testing the LDAP connection.

3.7.2 Bugfix release

  • Add Linchpin Touch support for org chart and structural chart macros.
  • We fixed the sorting when filtering by group in the people directory or people search & list macro.


Responsive profile macros and other improvements


  • We improved the display of the profile macro for the case when the column it's in is not wide enough. Information won't be cut off anymore in this case.
  • We changed the user interface to be gender neutral in the German version.
  • We stabilized updates from older Linchpin User Profiles versions.
  • We don't index linked text fields anymore because this information is redundant and updating such fields caused performance impacts in large instances.


  • We fixed some potential Confluence 8 compatibility issues.
  • We added an info message concerning LDAP filled profile fields back in that got lost some versions back.
  • We solved a problem that arose from user info being imported from different directories, which sometimes made profile fields editable that shouldn't have been.

3.6.1 Confluence 8.2 compatibility

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.2.

3.6.2 Patch / bugfix release

  • We improved the performance when a select field option update affected many users.
  • Users with spaces in their user names can now edit their profiles. Please note that user names containing spaces are not recommended and can only be created in Confluence by importing users from a directory.
  • We improved the compatibility with assistive technologies.
  • In the administration area, we stopped the help box from moving into the next line. 
  • We fixed a JS error that could occur when opening the Customized User List macro configuration. The problem only existed if a third-party app uses the JavaScript library Lodash incorrectly.


Confluence 8 compatibility


  • We ensured that Linchpin User Profiles is compatible with Confluence 8.

3.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Profile pictures (in various places like macros, user directory, etc.) have a better text for screen readers now.
  • We made sure that phone numbers are displayed nicely everywhere instead of just a string of numbers here and there
  • We fixed a bug that broke the Linchpin Sidebar "My Contacts" tab under Confluence 8.
  • The profile macro doesn't break anymore when it tries to display a deleted user.
  • We fixed the display of the "background image" option.
  • We fixed an issue with dynamically linked profile fields in the profile header, which were emptied in some cases.


Extended filters and screen reader improvements

New features

  • We added the ability to use several more field types as filters in the user directory: full name, phone and IM
  • We added screen reader compatibility for the "add profile picture" button and for several links to profiles
  • We adjusted the logic of link detection to avoid false positives (e.g. for academical titles)


  • If you use "User & Group Sync" by re:solution (version 2.6 or newer) to fill Linchpin User Profile "IdP" fields, org charts and personalization will now pick up updated values immediately. You don't need to clear caches manually anymore.


Accessibility improvements and bugfixes

New features

  • We improved the ability to navigate by keyboard (using Tab + Enter) in Linchpin User Profiles. The prerequisite for this is Confluence 7.17 or later.
  • We also improved screen reader compatibility in the profile view and profile macro. 


  • When changing the subline field, this will now be correctly reflected in profile macros.
  • Also, the subline won't be duplicated in the profile macro anymore and it will be colored and linked consistently.
  • We fixed some errors that occurred when deleting groups used in profile edit permissions.
  • The people directory should now have no problems with deleted users anymore.
  • We fixed profile fields being editable after being imported from XML more than once.
  • Profile macros now work correctly when exporting a space and importing to another Confluence instance.


Patch release

  • We improved Confluence 7.18 and 7.19 compatibility
  • Profile picture uploads in user profile and onboarding module now work properly and identically
  • To improve performance, a wild card search in the Custom User Search macro is only started after 3 or more characters
  • We fixed an error that occurred while indexing wrongly formatted date fields
  • We fixed an erratic personalization issue that was caused by filtered data in a cache
  • We fixed a localization issue which affected the row names in the Custom User List macro
  • We fixed a migration issue that occurred rarely for PSQL and upgrades from 2.x to 3.x
  • We fixed unexpected translations in custom user list column titles


Bugfix release

  • Profile fields depending on Confluence groups work correctly again.

  • Also, we drastically improved the speed of the XML profile field synchronization job.


Internal Bugfix release


Basic MS Teams support, restrict display of profile field values & more

New features

  • You can now use the Instant Messenger field to start a MS Teams text chat or video call.
    • Attention: When downgrading from this version, please remove these new fields first.
  • You can now restrict the display of profile field values to selected user groups for any profile field.


  • Required profile fields are now mandatory while editing.
  • Explicitly choose no value in select fields.
  • Increased performance of the org chart when it has not yet been cached.
  • Several technical improvements


  • Fields of type "user" can now be used as filters in the Custom User Search macro.
  • The LDAP page size is now correctly validated when configuring a custom LDAP.
  • We fixed several LDAP sync errors.
  • We have fixed some display and encoding errors.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed cascading field in profile edit, onboarding and pings mask.
  • We fixed loading tasks on "my tasks" action.


Patch release

  • Fix filter dropdown in 'Custom user search' macro if value contains special characters
  • Correct the handling of hidden fields when editing profiles
  • Fix error with unknown container in profile
  • Prevent white space in 'Customized user list' macro when showing cascading fields
  • Finally fix styling issue on 'viewfollowing' action
  • Reduce index load of XML sync
  • Fix issue with phone field when loading data from LDAP and writing back is disabled


Patch release

  • We added Confluence 7.17 compatibility.
  • We fixed an issue with user locale setting in profiles and the associated personalization features.
  • We fixed an issue in 'Content responsibility' macro when adding linked profile fields there.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed an issue with profile fields that are view restricted. Under certain circumstances it could happen that they were deleted by the LDAP sync.
  • We fixed a broken profile view on mobile devices for users with special characters in their usernames.


Bugfix release

  • Fixed broken preview of pages with profile macros set into layout blocks
  • Fixed profile macro in PDF export
  • Fixed initial positioning of Org Charts in user profiles
  • Corrected documentation and explanation text for the full name settings feature
  • Fixed filtering for country, language and multiselect fields in Custom User Search macro


Performance improvements & bugfixes


  • We tweaked some cache settings to improve the performance of all profile related features.
  • We improved the performance of the profile macro, especially if it is used many times on a single page.


  • In the structure chart, users belonging to a node were cached too aggressively. We fixed that.
  • When changing an LDAP field to a dependent field, it was still filled from the directory. Not anymore.
  • When synchronizing profile pictures, old versions were not always reliably deleted. We now clean up some old versions with every sync.
  • We fixed an issue in the Custom User Search macro when selecting fields for filtering, but not for display.
  • In the past, you could select hidden fields for org charts or structural charts, which led to errors. Now only visible fields can be chosen.
  • After inserting a Customized User List macro, no other macros could be inserted without reloading the page first. We fixed that.
  • We also fixed some other minor issues.


Compatibility / bugfix release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 7.14
  • We fixed a bug, where linked fields where shown in the people directory, even if the underlying value was empty

3.1.3 (3.1.2 was an internal release)

Bugfix and security release

Security fixes:

Other bugfixes:

  • Empty LDAP values for date fields aborted the sync instead of skipping the user. Not anymore.
  • Vcards are now correctly shown when hovering over users in the "all updates" stream.
  • The profile macro / vcard does not display an unnecessary white box when there are no profile fields to be shown.
  • Hidden fields can not be selected for display in the content responsibility macro anymore.


Patch release

  • We fixed the display of profile macro user avatars in Linchpin Mobile.
  • We fixed the LDAP sync overwriting uninvolved fields.
  • We improved the search behaviour in the people directory, and also in the macros Custom User Search and Customized User List.


Security release


Bugfix release

  • Fixed filtering in Custom User List configuration when multiple filters are in use
  • Fixed field dependency to confluence groups
  • Improved search in People Directory to use double quotes
  • Filter in Custom User Search now filters "exact" instead of "fuzzy"
  • Subline for tile view in People Directory can now be changed


Security patch + bugfix release

  • We fixed a vulnerability where a Confluence administrator was able to provide a malicious XML file  (see for details)
  • Fix display of linked fields in "'"My contacts" macro and sidebar module
  • Fix people directory list view always showing the subtitle field
  • We fixed profile fields not being able to be moved to the left column.
  • Fixed loading profile data also for anonymous users if they are globally permitted to view user data.
  • Vcards are now correctly shown when hovering over an @-mention
  • Catch exception to prevent rollback of all user data changes in ldap sync if avatar attachment could not be removed due a bug in Confluence
  • Fixed filter alignment in the Custom User Search macro
  • Fix missing information in profile macro when it's inside a "page property report" macro
  • Improved text on LDAP connection and write access test


New date field type, people directory and chart improvements.

New features & improvements

  • We added a new field type for dates - with or without year. Use it for birthdays or anniversaries!
  • People directory: The tile layout shows the profile header subline for each user now. And the new table layout is completely configurable.
  • Use the new "Structure Chart" macro to display any part of your company structure. You can also use text input fields to map users to structure chart nodes now.
  • We improved the performance of the people directory and org/structure charts.
  • In the profile editor, we show where field content is coming from now.
  • We added support for Confluence 7.12.


  • We fixed issues in the user data update for select fields.
  • The avatar image is updated reliably after uploading a profile image in Confluence 7.11 and above now.


Patch release

  • Fixed sorting by date fields in Custom User List macro
  • Fixed link generation for clickable profile header fields
  • Improved LDAP synchronization stability
  • Fixed the "X" to close diagram macro overlays in Confluence 7.12
  • Replaced a frontend 3rd party library with a smaller one to reduce the memory footprint
  • Fixed rendering of linked fields that depend on other profile fields
  • Improved rendering performance of the Custom User List macro by reducing the amount of data


Patch release

  • We added the new Linchpin branding
  • We changed how the user groups are treated in the user search to improve the search results


Create an informative visualization of the company with the new structure charts.

New features

  • With the new structure charts, you can display the whole structure of your company in a clear and compact view now.
  • You can upload CSV data for cascading select fields directly in the field configuration dialog now.
  • Administrators can find detailed information on LDAP sync results in the new synchronization report view now.
  • Phone fields can write data back into your LDAP now.

Improvements & bugfixes

  • We ensured the compatibility of the "Content Responsibility" macro with Linchpin Mobile.
  • We improved the URL mode for profile pictures.
  • We fixed the handling of multiselect fields in LDAP syncs.
  • We allow multiple value tags in XML syncs now.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the display of non-square profile pictures in the org charts.
  • We fixed an issue when using select field values containing commas to assign users to structure chart nodes.
  • Uploading profile pictures with spaces or special characters in their filename doesn't break the profile picture display anymore.
  • You can now sync uploaded profile pictures back to an LDAP server, even if there are no other profile fields with LDAP data sources.
  • Dependent fields can now depend on Confluence groups, locale, email, username and full name again.
  • When using the people directory search, you can now find users by usernames.


Massive people directory and Org Charts improvements!

New features

  • Find the right people easier than ever with the new people directory search and filters. Almost all profile field types are now searched, and the view updates while you type.
  • Show Org Charts in the people directory for one or more top-level users.
  • Use the new "Org Chart" macro to display team structures on any page.

Improvements & changes

  • Deleted users leave no personally identifiable traces in the Linchpin User Profiles (GDPR / DSGVO).
  • We have deprecated the field type "LDAP". Use text fields with LDAP data source instead, see


  • You can translate Linchpin Onboarding module content again.
  • Fields of type "user" correctly display the full name in the "Profile" macro or vCard now.
  • We don't display misleading placeholders when you can't edit your phone number anymore.
  • We included several optical fixes.


Easier synchronization administration

We simplified the profile data synchronization administration.

  • When changing a profile field with LDAP or XML data source, you can start a sync right from the configuration. We will also remind you that in some cases it's useful to deactivate the incremental LDAP sync.
  • When configuring profile pictures to be retrieved from URLs, you can directly check the availability and run the sync. Also, users can start the profile picture sync for themselves from their profile when they see that the profile picture and the small avatar don't match anymore.
  • We clarified the configuration of LDAP directories and incremental sync a little bit.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the display of profile pictures in various places.
  • You can configure profile editors for groups whose name contains special characters now.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the sorting of dependent field mappings within the profile editor.
  • We fixed problems which occurred when saving options for dependent and select fields.
  • The automatic update of user profiles when changing dependent fields has been fixed.
  • Stability issues when using LDAP picture data have been resolved.
  • We fixed an issue regarding dragging profile sections between columns.
  • We removed the fuzzy search when searching for user names in the people directory.


Bugfix release

  • We now respect global e-mail visibility settings within the people directory and the "Content Responsibility" macro.


Patch release

  • We fixed display errors in the people directory which occurred when the Confluence search returned duplicate users.
  • We optimized the search of text fields in people directory to allow for an exact search and better search results.
  • We prevented an exception in log when using Linchpin User Profiles together with "eazyBI Reports and Charts for Confluence".


Better and more useful org charts!

New features & improvements

  • We have taken a big step towards better org charts: more interaction, more content, more information in one place. You will love it. 
  • Oh, and we also fixed the issue regarding the fact that editing profile fields sometimes made you scroll a lot.



Bugfix release

  • We fixed compatibility issues with the Custom Space User Management App.
  • The mobile view in Confluence > 7.x has been fixed.
  • We added support for Germanic umlauts within the user search.
  • We fixed a usability issue with the profile field configuration.
  • Validated phone numbers, which are imported via XML file, no longer block saving the profile if they are invalid.


Patch release


Security patch release


Patch release

  • We fixed the profile background for users with special characters in their usernames (for example: spaces).
  • When renaming select options, the values change in the profile data as well now.


Enhancements to the XML profile data import.

New features

  • When using an XML data source for select or multi-select fields, there's no need to create all field options manually anymore.
    • Users that are not included in the XML file can still edit these fields themselves. They now can choose from all imported values. This also works in Linchpin Assistant and Onboarding.
    • People directory filters for these fields now also show all imported values.

Known issue

  • When importing XML into a multi-select field, we currently don't support multiple XML tags like <node>A</node><node>B</node>. As a workaround, use JSON array strings in a single tag like <node>["A","B"]</node>. See the corresponding section in our documentation for details about this.


Bugfix release

  • The subline configuration for vCards in INFO mode works as expected now.
  • The status icon for Skype users is displayed correctly as a circle now.
  • Links from linked profile fields are now displayed correctly and clickable within the profile macro and the vCard.
  • The filter of the Custom User Search macro now supports linked fields correctly.
  • The values for dependent field mappings are now correctly displayed in the profile editor.
  • The ordering of profile sections is always correct now.
  • Profile and avatar pictures are now always displayed correctly and not distorted.
  • We fixed issues regarding compatibility with Refined Theme.
  • Values of multiselect fields are now displayed correctly in profile headers.
  • We fixed the user group restriction configuration for profile sections.


Completely new profile configuration UI and API to write profile data.

New features & improvements

  • We have completely renewed the profile configuration to be faster, easier and much more usable. Attention: Please read this notice before updating:
  • We removed the deprecated field type "Phone". It is replaced by the field type "Phone validated" we introduced in 2.20. Please read this notice before updating:
  • We opened the user profile API to not only read but also to write data into profiles. See the current state of the API documentation here:
We are very happy to hear from you if you plan to use the API. Feedback gives us the chance to learn about your use cases and to improve our solution. 



Bugfix release

  • The "customized" mode of the Profile macro now properly displays the configured fields.
  • The Content Responsibility macro now works correctly, even if collaborative editing is turned off.
  • You can sort the Customized User List macro by fields that are not displayed.
  • Filtering country select fields in the people directory works correctly now.
  • We fixed several issues with required and/or validated phone fields when using Linchpin Assistant or Onboarding.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the CSV data import for Cascading Fields.


New people directory & profile header.

New features & improvements

  • The people directory now has a modern look and lets you search users by profile fields.
  • The user profile page has also been refreshed, and you can let your users upload their own header background images.
  • First steps in supporting profile field data coming from identity providers (IdPs) via third-party apps: You can decide which profile fields should be filled by an IdP.


  • When using the new validated phone field, the user's country is detected more reliably.
  • Cascading fields unfortunately don't work in the Custom User Search, but you could select them them in the past. Not anymore.


Hotfix release


Bugfix release

  • When updating your user profile via Linchpin Assistant, the layout isn't broken anymore.
  • When configuring dependent fields, you can now correctly create rules to match field values with brackets like "IT (System)".
  • Uploading a profile picture via our REST API now works reliably. Previously, every second upload did reset the profile picture.


Bugfix release

  • When configuring the Linchpin Assistant to include fields in restricted categories, these restrictions are now respected.
  • When configuring validated phone fields to be filled via a directory, they can now only be filled manually by users that are not in that directory.
  • The display of phone numbers in Linchpin Mobile has been fixed (no more visible "tel:").
  • When only selecting a single item in a cascading select fields, editing your profile again now correctly remembers that selection.
  • Saving profile edit permissions does not show console errors anymore.
  • In rare cases, problems with personalization not updating instantly could occur. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for a bug introduced in 2.21.3: You can now select people in the Content Responsibility macro again, other multi-selects are fixed as well.



Bugfix release

  • You can now use original Confluence profile fields to filter users in the people directory.
  • Small UI fixes were made.



Bugfix release

  • If profile field names are localized and then used as filter in the people directory, they correctly show the translated version now.
  • Linked text fields used as a column in the "Custom User List" macro are displayed for only the correct user now.
  • We resolved some small UI issues


New validated phone fields, read-only mode compatibility and more.

New features

  • We introduced a new profile field type to let users enter only valid phone numbers.
  • The Confluence Data Center read-only mode is now supported.



  • The Custom User List / Search now support Confluence groups. They received some additional love as well. For example, the Custom User List pagination is now optional.
  • The My Contacts macro and Linchpin Sidebar module look nicer when you have no contacts.


  • User directory sync will no longer abort for users without a name attribute.
  • We took care of concerns about instant messenger fields.
  • The Content Responsibility macro sometimes did not save the responsible user - that'x fixed now.
  • We fixed a bug regarding cascading select fields not being updated correctly.
  • A bug was fixed where the profile picture was not always displayed in IE11.
  • Additional stability fixes were added.



Patch Release

  • Special characters like '@' in usernames do not longer cause errors when these users edit their profiles
  • The scheduled bulk profile update (XML) job is now accessible and configurable again in newer versions of Confluence 7
  • The scheduled job for bulk profile updates via User Directories no longer breaks as a whole if one User Directory is not available.


Macro improvements, bugfixes, technical improvements.



  • The field type "Cascade Select" supports only the CSV file format now, we dropped the support for specific Excel files due to technical reasons.



  • The Custom User List now has a pagination and the performance has been improved, too.
  • The avatar display of the Content Responsibility macro has been improved.
  • We have made technical improvements to ensure sustainability.



  • The display of search results in the Custom User Search macro has been corrected. Before, it could have happen that they were positioned incorrectly on the screen.


Patch Release

  • We improved the PDF export layout for pages containing Custom User List macros with text area profile fields.
  • When using a custom language pack to translate profile field and category names, the system default language is now used as a fallback when no translation exists for a user's language.
  • Until now, the OrgCharts did not show users when the capitalization of the user profile field was incorrect (= different from the actual user name). This has been fixed to use a case-insensitive lookup. Superior and subordinate users are now displayed, even if "JaneDoe" is entered as "janedoe".


Confluence 7 compatibility release


New features

  • Linchpin User Profiles is now compatible with Confluence 7.



  • The Content Responsibility macro now works correctly when Confluence's collaborative editing feature is turned on.
  • We fixed a display error that occurred in combination with the Linchpin Sidebar.


Extended profile field type support for Linchpin Onboarding & Assistant

New features & Improvements

  • You can now add profile fields of the type "phone" to the user profile fields modules in Linchpin Onboarding and Linchpin Assistant (see Linchpin Manager - Release 1.2).
    Until now only the field types "text", "select" and "multiselect" were supported. Thus, a further step towards better maintained and high-quality user data is possible (smile).
  • In addition, we have improved the output of macros for anonymous users.
    Until now, only general messages and messages that were not comprehensible to the user were displayed.


Hotfix release

  • If there is a custom user directory added as Linchpin User Profile data source, it is now always used as a target for the data backsync feature. We fixed an issue in which this directory has been ignored in some cases.


Patch release

  • When importing profile data from XML, you can now map multiple profile fields to the same XML attribute.
  • The profile notice for Linchpin Assistant and Linchpin Onboarding now supports additional field types: "Country", "Language" and "Text area".
  • You can configure the Linchpin Assistant profile notice to be shown even if all profile fields are already filled. This enables the use case "Is your profile still up to date?" in addition to the existing use case "Please complete your profile".


Hotfix release


Improved mobile compatibility & support for the Content Responsibility macro in blueprints.


New features


Full integration into the upcoming, newly built Linchpin Sidebar (available in version 2.17).



  • The Content Responsibility macro can now display the profile fields "email", "username" and "full name" and shows values from multi select fields correctly.
  • Furthermore, the preview in the macro configuration has been improved.



  • Various fixes in regard of the Custom User List macro PDF support were made.
  • We fixed profile editing issues for profile editors.
  • We fixed some issues that occurred when usernames had a leading "0" (zero).
  • We fixed the profile view for anonymous access.
  • Various smaller UI fixes were made.


Hotfix release

  • This release fixes an issue that prevented synchronizing more than one connected user directory.


A release full of performance improvements, bugfixes and DC compatibility preparations.



  • We improved the performance in many places, for example when using multiple Profile macros on one page.
  • We made several preparations for our upcoming Data Center compatibility release.



  • When using Linchpin Assistant or Linchpin Onboarding (which are parts of Linchpin Manager, see to let your users fill their profile fields, commas are now supported in multi-select option values.
  • You can now correctly select a profile field to be shown in the Content Responsibility macro.
  • We also fixed some minor display issues.


Data Center compatibility

  • This release ensures compatibility with Confluence Data Center.


Hotfix release

  • Renaming or archiving pages that use the Content Responsibility macro should now work correctly.
  • Having deleted users as contacts should not produce errors anymore.


Show who is responsible for pages and blog posts.



  • Add people to pages and blog posts to show who is responsible for the content.

  • The Linchpin Assistant will be supported with Linchpin Manager 1.2.



  • OrgChart relationships are now displayed correctly.
  • Profile pictures are no longer distorted in the Customer User List macro in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The incorrect display of Linked Fields in the Customer User List macro has been fixed.
  • New and edited fields are immediately available in the Customer User List macro.
  • You can now use hidden fields to personalize the menu.


Private version which was not released.


Hotfix release

  • Profile sync won't fail anymore when using a directory with nested groups.
  • Fixed an exception when using the Custom User Search macro after updating from an earlier version of Linchpin User Profiles.


We implemented a better language search.



  • If there's a language field in your profile configuration, and you wanted to search for users speaking a certain language, you had to use the locale (e. g. "en_US"). Now you can simply search for those users by typing in the name of the language. (e. g. "english", "englisch", "inglés", "englanti" or "anglais", as we are supporting this feature in English, German, Spanish, Finnish and French).



  • When exporting a page as a PDF file, the user list is now exported nicely again.


Experience the new and powerful expert search to easily find colleagues in your intranet.


New features

  • Now you can use the "AND" operator in the Custom User Search macro.
  • The Custom User Lists macro provides CQL queries in the new expert mode.
  • You can search for entire phrases and it is possible to use wildcards in your search requests.
  • The Profile Macro shows a more pleasant message when a user could not be found.



  • We increased the performance of the "Custom user search".
  • We improved the descriptions when editing a category in the profile editor.



  • We fixed the Skype status when hovering over a username.


Technical Information

In Linchpin User Profiles 2.10, we improved the search backend and switched completely to a CQL based search. To benefit from this immediately after the upgrade to 2.10, it is necessary to rebuild the index completely.

You can trigger this by yourself. Please consider that this may take some time.

Alternatively you can skip the manual re-index since the index will progressively update itself. Then the fully featured Linchpin User Profiles search will improve progressively as well.


This release features PDF export for macros, performance and visual improvements and fixes few bugs.



  • We improved the performance of the custom user search macro.
  • Minor visual fixes for the profile, "My Contacts" and "Profile" macros were added.
  • We also added PDF export support for the "Profile" and "Custom User List" macros.



  • Labels of empty fields are now hidden when viewing a profile.
  • Profile pictures will now have a working link to a profile, even when the picture was uploaded before "Linchpin User Profiles" was installed.
  • Linked fields in the user list macro will show the link text instead the URL.
  • We removed duplicated Skype status icon from the profile macro.


More options are available for admins to customize profile picture uploads now!


New features

  • The file size for the profile picture upload is freely configurable now.
  • You can now limit profile picture width and height to easily import them in other applications.



  • The Skype status now updates automatically during a short time span.
  • The visibility settings of email addresses will be respected now.



  • We fixed an issue concerning the correct view of informations with field type „user“ in vCards.
  • Profile pictures are now displayed undistorted.
  • We fixes an issue with profile picture updates during ldap synchronisation.
  • Issues with LDAP synchronisation and inactive LDAPs were fixed.
  • The mobile view for profile categories was fixed.
  • Contact data of profiles with many fields is now presented correctly.
  • All subordinates are now displayed completely in org charts.
  • Display problems in Chrome browser concerning inactive IM status were fixed.



We fixed issues with locales and profile pictures.

  • When pictures are set by the LDAP synchronisation task, the profile network tab won't show profile picture updates anymore.
  • We improved the error message handling.
  • We fixed an issue which could prevent some personalization features from working correctly when the user locale was set within a profile.
  • A bug which could prevent profile pictures from loading properly in Linchpin Mobile was fixed.
  • We fixed a bug in which profile picture uploads could fail in combination with Internet Explorer and Apache Server.


Now with even more possibilities to improve the users profile data!


New features

  • We introduced a new role for your users profiles - the "profile editors".
    These editors can make sure that quality and professionalism of the data stays on a high level.
  • Apps like Teamify or Confluence Questions can now enhance the profiles and make them even more interesting.


Bye bye CUP, hello LUP!



  • Custom User Profile is now Linchpin User Profiles!
  • We made the app UI compatible with Confluence 6.7 and its reworked user interfaces.
  • The additional LDAP configuration now supports paging.


Turn text fields into static or dynamic links and display them in your profiles.


New feature

  • Text fields can now be set to static or dynamic links by the Administrator. They can contain individual and specific links to further information, such as social media profiles, external tools, etc.



  • The macros "Custom User List" and "Custom User Search" now have field selection drop-downs sorted by field categories.
  • The performance of the profile view has been improved in conjunction with dependent fields.



  • Fixed an issue regarding the connection to Skype For Business when there was no internet connection.
  • The "manager" fields DN will now be resolved into the Confluence user name and can now be correctly used in the OrgChart or displayed in the profile.

Important Note:

The "custom landing spaces" have been moved, you can find this feature in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. A migration process exists, so there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces.


Improve your user lists with the awesome extension of the Custom User List macro!



  • You can now configure multiple profile fields as a filter for the Custom User List macro. Thereby you can define even more precise user searches.
  • The Confluence user profile fields are selectable as search filter in the Custom User List macro now.



  • We fixed some bugs in the UI of the Profile macro.


Important Note

In the near future the, Custom landing spaces will move and will find a new home in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. There will be a migration process available, so that there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces. We will provide detailed information on that topic when the time comes (smile).

Please be aware that downgrading from this version to a version lower than 2.0 may result in unwanted side effects. Only experienced administrators should consider this step.

This page was last edited on 05/14/2024.