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Sadly, we aren't perfect. But we are trying to get there! Some issues might appear when using Linchpin Theme.

Already fixed issues

Fixed inIssue TypeDescription of the Issue

General issue

The "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app in version 1.32.1 causes problems for the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

For more information, follow the link below:

Knowledge Base: "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app causes health checks to freeze and blocks the creation of support zips


General issue

The Confluence site logo image causes a "to many open files" issue. CONFL. BUG

Even after increasing the open file limit as described here Too many open files error, it does not prevent Confluence to crash.

Actually, the issue is based on the Confluence platform itself even though it appears that the Linchpin Theme app is involved.

The data storage of the logo which is uploaded via the Linchpin theme configuration (/admin/linchpin/theme/configure.action) is always a Base64-encoded string, i.e. it is not a file nor attachment and ultimately not stored in the file system.

However, the Linchpin theme also sets the regular site logo of Confluence as well using a standard Confluence API method. That site logo can be seen even without an active or applied Linchpin theme (e.g. in the admin area on the top left). As a matter of fact, that Confluence site logo is an attachment file, i.e. a file in the file system which can be affected by the stated issue.

Solution: As we learned through our customer support case, the Confluence system has been upgraded to version 7.16.2 while using Java 8. Once they've updated their system to Java 11 the customer was able to fix the problem.


Usability issue

Caches sometimes freeze.  CONFLUENCE 7.10 LTP 2.23.3

We noticed that Linchpin Theme sometimes has an issue with the cache. 
You can observe this error when you look at the header. Often, when there is a problem with the cache, the header will look off.

Solution: Clear your cache. This should solve this issue.


Usability issue

Theme reset to Confluence default after upgrade of Linchpin apps.

Updating Linchpin Theme disables the theme for a brief period. If the Confluence system is accessed by another user during this time, it detects a "missing" theme and resets Confluence to the default theme. 

Solution: To repair this, simply activate the theme again. Starting with Confluence 6.15 this is not an issue anymore, so we suggest updating.


Visual issue

Sidebar icons break when a system is migrated from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you migrate your system from HTTP to HTTPS, the sidebar might display broken icons.

The issue exists because the sidebar uses the base URL of the system to load faster. Sadly, the sidebar does not flush the cache automatically, that's why you have to do it yourself after performing a migration.

Workaround: To fix this issue, please navigate to Confluence administration → Cache management.

Look for the net.seibertmedia.confluence.linchpin-sidebar.cache.sidebar.v2 key and click on the Flush button.


Usability issue

Settings for not showing the menu in space themes get reset.

When using space themes with deactivated menu and upgrading to Linchpin Theme 2.19.x or Linchpin Suite 2.x, the settings for the menu get reset to default. That means that the spaces using those space themes will show the menu.

Workaround: The setting has to be corrected once after the upgrade, from then on they keep their settings.

Other known issues

Issue TypeDescription of the Issue
Usability issue

Teaser images are missing in PDF exports.

Teaser images are missing when a page is exported to a PDF.

Usability issue

A time-out leads to lost changes in menu configuration.

Changes in the menu configuration can disappear when the admin times-out.

Visual issue

A 1/3 page layout makes the Spaces macro disappear.

The Spaces macro can disappear when displayed in a 1/3 page layout.

Visual issue

Pop-ups are displayed in wrong positions.

The login page sometimes can cause pop-ups to appear in wrong positions. This is fixed with Linchpin Theme 2.20.4.

Visual issue

Text inside the header might appear cut-off.

Text inside the action drawer (header) can appear cut-off when it's displayed in two rows.

Visual issue

The placeholder text inside the search bar might appear cut-off.

The placeholder text inside the search bar (for example: "Type to use the search") can appear cut-off.

Compatibility Issue

The following apps and versions are known to have compatibility issues with the Linchpin Theme. These might have been addressed by a more recent release of the third party apps.

  • Announcement Banner for Confluence 1.9.2

Have you found another issue or do you have a stronger need to fix one of these issues? Tell us here.

Simply visit our feedback board in Canny and create a feature idea, vote for existing posts or discuss your ideas with other customers.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.