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How to access the Linchpin sidebar

You can see and use the Linchpin sidebar on every Confluence page.

It is closed by default and is attached to the right side of your browser. To display the full sidebar, click on any of the icons.

To close the sidebar, click on the cross button - it will collapse back to the right side of your browser window.


The Linchpin sidebar offers four main functions.

The amount of functions you see may vary. The more Linchpin apps you use, the more functions you will see.

Saved for later

This function works like regular bookmarks in browsers. 

Every Confluence page you marked as a favorite will be collected in this tab.

Click the star button to remove pages from your favorites.

Favorite apps

In this overview you can find all your favorited apps.

You can access those apps, read some information about them and unmark them as favorites.

You can also access the full app hub from here. To do this, follow the → Launchpad link or the + Add apps link.

Favorite Apps is available if the app Linchpin Launchpad is installed and active.

My Contacts

The contacts overview displays your favorited Confluence contacts. You can add notes to your favorited contacts and assign them a group.

This function also offers a search. This search works with ALL contacts in Confluence (all colleagues), not only with your bookmarked contacts.

You can search for various user profile fields (like applications, branch, language).

For example, searching for "JIRA" should display all employees with JIRA skills (as long as those skills were entered in the user's profile).

My Contacts is available if the App Linchpin User Profiles is installed and active.

See the Expert Finder section to view configuration options for the user search.

My Tasks

In this overview you can find all open Confluence tasks assigned to you.

You can access the page containing each task. You can also mark tasks as completed.

My open Jira issues

If a Jira is connected to your Confluence, this overview shows you all open Jira issues assigned to you. 

With a click you can access those issues. 

My open Jira issues only works if there is a Jira connected to your Confluence. If there isn't one, please deactivate this tab.

Recently visited Confluence pages

This overview has four different display options.

Recently visited displays all recently visited Confluence pages. Use the filter bar to search for specific page titles.

Recently worked on displays all pages which you have recently worked on. Use the filter bar to search for specific page titles.

Recent spaces displays all spaces which you visited recently.

All updates shows everything that's happening within your Confluence

Configure the Linchpin sidebar

Access the sidebar configuration

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Theme > Configuration > Linchpin sidebar.

Alternatively, click on the settings icon in your Linchpin header, then click on Theme > Linchpin sidebar.

Configuration options

Display settings of Linchpin sidebar

Activate the Show checkbox to enable the Linchpin sidebar.

Activate the Hide checkbox to disable the Linchpin sidebar.

Scroll behavior of the sidebar icons

Activate one of the two checkboxes.

The first checkbox gives the sidebar a fixed position.

The second checkbox will make the sidebar scroll with the rest of the page.

Expert Finder

Configure the "Custom User Search" macro. This macro also works as the user search for the contacts in the Linchpin sidebar.

Click on the following link to view how to configure the Expert Finder.

This feature is only available if you have Linchpin User Profiles installed.

Background color of the sidebar icons

Set the background color of the icons which are displayed when the sidebar is collapsed.

You can select a color with our built-in color picker or enter a hex value (for example #000000 for black).

Module configuration

Choose which contents your Linchpin sidebar contains. 

Which options are offered depends on which other Linchpin apps you have activated. 

Color of the sidebar icons

Set the color of the sidebar icons which are displayed when the sidebar is collapsed.

You can select a color with our built-in color picker or enter a hex value (for example #ffffff for white).

Linchpin sidebar configuration menu


Sidebar icons break when a system is migrated from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you migrate your system from HTTP to HTTPS, the sidebar might display broken icons.

To fix this issue, please navigate to Confluence administration → Cache management. Look for the net.seibertmedia.confluence.linchpin-sidebar.cache.sidebar.v2 key and click on the Flush button.

The issue exists because the sidebar uses the base URL of the system to load faster. Sadly, the sidebar does not flush the cache automatically, that's why you have to do it yourself after performing a migration.

Make sure that your theme is active

Please note: Make sure that Linchpin Theme is active.

Visit our documentation on how to activate your theme to learn more.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.