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  • We fixed several errors in the News Digest source configuration.



  • The Linchpin News Digest email didn't respect the theme setting to only show header background images on the dashboard and showed them regardless. It knows better now.

  • The Linchpin News Digest content configuration wasn't saved reliably. It is trustworthy now.



  • Sending the News Digest failed under certain circumstances. It doesn't anymore. 


Create multiple news digests

New features

  • Personalize your newsletters! It's now possible to send out more than one News Digest, addressed to different user groups.


  • Linchpin News Digest stubbornly refused to write audit logs. Our Devs were even more stubborn and convinced it to work again.
  • When trying out the preview of Linchpin News Digest before saving a configuration, there no longer is a misleading error message.


Display header background image in mails


  • News Digest emails now contain not only the site's logo, but also its header background image.
  • We changed the user interface to be gender neutral in the German version.


We moved the admin menu entry.


  • We moved the Confluence admin menu entry of Linchpin News Digest to Linchpin Enterprise News.
  • German version: We shifted from the strict and formal "Sie" in texts to a more friendly and lighthearted "du".


Read-only compatibility release

New features

  • This release ensures compatibility with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.


Bugfix release


  • We fixed a bug that stopped the proper sending of emails when there were inactive users or users without permission to use Confluence among the recipients.


Compatibility release

New features

  • Linchpin News Digest is compatible with Confluence 7 now.


Internal release


Internal release


Data Center approved release

New features

  • Linchpin News Digest is compatible with Confluence Data Center now.


Initial marketplace release. Keep users up-to-date by regularly sending a digest of the latest blog posts.

New features

  • Specify the sender name and email address of your news digest.
  • Set individual users or user groups as recipients of your news digest email.
  • Choose a subject and an introductory text for the email.
  • Configure a customized schedule for the digest emails.
  • Define which blog posts will be sent by creating rules to filter by spaces and labels.
    • Also filter blog posts by news categories (if Linchpin Enterprise News is installed).
  • Use the preview to see how your configured news digest email will look like.
  • The digest email will respect your corporate design.

This page was last edited on 02/26/2024.