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Introduction on MDM solutions

Mobile Device Management solutions (also referred to as 'MDM solutions') offer the possibility to distribute an app quickly and reliably to a large number of mobile devices via a central location. Most MDM solutions also integrate advanced features that are useful in the context of mobile access to internal corporate systems (e.g., VPN tunnel, per-device permission management, Single Sign On (SSO) services).

You can use Linchpin Mobile in your company with all common MDM solutions (e.g., MobileIron, vmWare AirWatch, Microsoft Intune). However, depending on the MDM solution and the mobile operating system you target (iOS / Android), not all advanced functionalities of your MDM may be available.


You can deploy Linchpin Mobile (or your company's custom intranet app) to iOS and Android devices with any MDM solution. To do so, use the standard procedure specified by your MDM solution.

Advanced features

Most MDM solutions come with a set of advanced features that go way beyond just deploying an app to a managed mobile device. We try our best to make your experience with Linchpin Mobile as smooth as possible when using those MDM features - but since there are a lot of MDM solutions out there and every company's infrastructure looks different, we cannot guarantee full compatibility.

If you would like to integrate Linchpin Mobile into your company's MDM and are faced with challenges in the process where you might need our help, please contact us at At this point, we do not have any plans to further extend support for extended MDM functionality in general but are open to discuss your suggestions and ideas.

Alternative options for mobile access

If it is not possible for you to integrate Linchpin Mobile into your company's MDM solution to the required extent, the following alternatives can be considered:

  • Provide access your company's Linchpin intranet via the Linchpin Mobile Gateway
  • Provide a VPN tunnel for your employees' mobile devices outside of your company's MDM solution
  • Enable mobile access to the Linchpin intranet of your company directly via the internet (by hosting Confluence in the demilitarised zone of your company's IT infrastruct

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.