The news macro can take your news anywhere! *As long as it's within Confluence.

How can I use the news macro?

Simply navigate to the page or blog post of your choice and type in / (slash) to open the macro browser. Here, type in "news" and select the "Blog posts as News" macro.

What does the news macro do?

The news macro allows you to display news on any page or in any blog post. You can use it to promote news or to link relevant news to other content.


You can customize the macro to your liking.


In this section, you can decide how news are being displayed within the macro.

Select either Grid view or List view for your macro. 

Number of news

Here you can select how many news your macro should feature. You can select any value from 1 to 10.


You can limit the news, by selecting on of three source types. First select if you want to filter by spaces or labels, or show a personalized feed instead.


Enter any space containing blog posts that should act as the source for your news. If left empty, news from your whole system will be loaded into the macro.


Enter a list of labels, separated by space or comma, to show only news with the labels entered.

Personalized feed

Show a personalized feed, containing news for the user. It must be configured in the administration section first.

Please note

1) If you don't leave this field empty but instead enter one or more spaces, be aware that only news from these spaces will be displayed.

2) Personal spaces are currently excluded from the search.

Display elements

In this section you can decide which elements should be featured on the thumbnail of a news article. Hide elements by unchecking the box, display elements by activating the checkbox.

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