Learn how to configure the appearance of the News Hub.

Access news configuration

Navigate to Settings → News. Here you can make all changes to the news app.


Whatever you configure here will have an effect on the display of news within the News Hub.

You can customize various display options for your news.


In this section, you can decide how news are being displayed within the News Hub.

Select either Grid view or List view for your macro. 

The grid view uses modern tiles while the list is a more compact (while still retaining the modern look).


The actual thumbnail image is being pulled directly from the blog post itself. Make sure to attach a nice image to your blog post so that it can be used as a thumbnail in the News Hub and within the news macro.

Display elements

In this section, you can decide which elements should be featured on the thumbnail of a news article.

Hide elements by unchecking the box, display elements by activating the checkbox.

Grid variant

If you choose to use the grid view for your news, you can customize it even further.

You can select from three grid variants:

  • Hero news - this variant displays a larger newest news article, so that it can gain more attention from your readers
  • 3 columns - this variant will display your news in smaller squares, spread over 3 equal width columns
  • 2 columns - this variant will display your news in larger squares, spread over 2 equal width columns

News tile background

Select the background color for news without a thumbnail image or news in classic mode. Watch the live preview update your color changes in real time to check if you're happy with your choice.

You can either use a color slider, enter an RGB color value, a HEX color value or an HSL color value. Whatever you prefer.

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