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What are managed groups?

Managed groups are Confluence groups which are created by Space Privacy to handle content permissions in Extranet spaces. Every active Extranet roles has an associated managed group.

Empty managed groups are not created

In version 3.4.0 of Space Privacy, we changed the Extranet creation process so that groups are only created when necessary. This is the case, for example, when users are assigned to specific roles for the first time.

In previous versions, six different groups were created by default per Extranet, even if they were not actually needed. In existing Extranets created with previous versions, these groups therefore still exist, even though they are empty.

To generally improve performance in the system, it makes sense to remove these superfluous groups.

How do I delete empty managed groups?

To remove existing empty managed groups, you can run a background job. The job will check every managed group and remove all groups that are empty. Please note that other Confluence groups will not be affected!


Depending on the number of Extranets, the job might take a while to finish. We recommend to run it outside of normal office hours or within a planned maintenance window. No message will be displayed after the job finished!

To start the job, navigate to Confluence administration → Space Privacy → Maintenance & Support → Synchronization → empty groups.

Alternatively, enter this URL into your browser (and don't forget to replace <BASE_URL> with the actual URL of your Confluence):


This page was last edited on 01/19/2024.