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How can I configure the dashboard?

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Theme > Configuration > Dashboard.

Dashboard type

The option "Dashboard look & feel" allows you to chose a dashboard type. There are two layouts available.

Linchpin dashboard

There's only one section. The content is centered. You can fully customize the content.


Default Confluence dashboard

The dashboard is divided into two sections. The left section has a predefined Confluence panel, enhanced with new functions. You can fully customize the content of the right section. You can also define the width of the right section.



Dashboard styling

You can style your dashboard even further. Here are the available options.


Dashboard background color

Input a hex value or use the built-in color picker to set a background color for your dashboard.

The background color is not visible when a background image is set.

Background image

Upload a background image for your dashboard. This setting overrides the background color. The image will be automatically centered and resized.

How to change the background image:

  1. Delete the existing background image.
  2. Upload a new image.

Tile layout

Enable the Tile Layout checkbox to give every macro a white background.

This is a very useful feature because some macros have a transparent background. Also, Tile layout adds some white background around the macros. This way, headings and texts around those macros also receive a background.

Dashboard buttons

Enable the Dashboard buttons checkbox to hide the "Create Space" and "Invite User" buttons on your dashboard.

Configure the content on your dashboard

To configure the dashboard's content, you need to be an administrator and edit the Default Welcome Message template.

You will find this template in Confluence administration > Configuration > Global Templates and Blueprints > System templates > Default Welcome Message.

Click on Edit. You can now create a dashboard template.

Make sure that your theme is active

Please note: Make sure that Linchpin Theme is active.

Visit our documentation on how to activate your theme to learn more.

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This page was last edited on 06/04/2024.