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Create and read news within your intranet

In this documentation you'll read "news" and "blog posts". Technically both are the same. So if we use one term or the other, please don't be confused.

Creating a news item with the Enterprise News bundle is as easy as creating a blog post inside a standard confluence. In fact, it's the same thing. For larger corporations the standard blog functionality is not enough to model a complex news concept. The Enterprise News Bundle offers a selection of macros to do that, along with tools for creating visually appealing dashboards and news pages, personalization for certain user groups or even users and a set of social features to increase their users' involvement. 

Good looking content no matter where it's displayed

As someone who writes news you don't have to know exactly where your news will be displayed. Even if you insert a News Teaser macro with Cover Stories in mind, that same news item will be displayed nicely within Corporate or Personal News Feeds.  

Social features to increase involvement

In Cover Stories, Corporate and Personal News Feeds there's always the option to like, comment and share the news. People are used to this kind of functionality and pleased to use them in their intranet, too. Of course information like the "like status" or number of comments is shown consistently over all macros of the Enterprise News Bundle.  

2.1.5 Release Notes

Compatibility release for Confluence 6.7

New features

  • Compatibility with Confluence 6.7

2.1.4 Release Notes

Major bug fixes and some mobile enhancements (the 2.1.3 release was premature)


  • Now the Enterprise News Bundle won't forget to schedule news publication or expiry after a Confluence restart / server downtime anymore.
  • When a publish date is given, it will now reliably be used and shown as creation date.


  • Kicker lines and intro texts are now shown when viewing blogposts on mobile devices.
  • Also, a configured default news teaser image will be respected in mobile news feeds.

2.1.3 Internal Release

2.1.2 Internal Release

2.1.1 Release Notes

Several Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed the author's name in news feeds although it was set to be hidden

  • Fixed several issues with missing or double meta information lines when using the blog posts macro

  • Fixed a bug in the Personal News Feed macro that caused it to lose configuration options

  • Fixed a caching issue with MySQL databases

  • Fixed an issue concerning the web feed sections that made the user unable to save after deleting a section

2.1 Release Notes

Define which information is shown in the news feeds, optical improvements

New features:

  • Define which information (author, date, space, categories, likes/comments, excerpt) to show in the news feed macros

  • Give the second Cover Stories row in the 4+2 layout a different height

  • Choose to switch between the Cover Stories slides automatically

Enhancements & Fixes:

  • Better image quality in our news macros

  • We now always use the date format defined in the Confluence settings

  • Text in news feed macros can now be selected

  • Only one click is needed to play videos in the Cover Stories

  • Also, fixes for several bugs found their way into the new version, including the nasty error ENB-4242 that we will introduce in the future

Known issues:

  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink))

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via www.seibert.biz/help. Let's build a great product together!

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