Easy Events RSVP - User Guide 1.2

Create meeting pages with ease and let users RSVP with one click

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Create an event via blueprint

You can easily create an event with a Confluence blueprint

  1. Click the create button
  2. Choose the EasyEvent blueprint
  3. Click create

Fill in your event data and press create

Event name *This will be the title of the event and the event page.
DateThis is the date of your event in the format YYYY-MM-DD (e.g., 2015-03-31). Click inside the field to get a date picker (does not work in all browsers).
LocationThe location of your event.
Start / EndThe time when your event starts and ends in the format HH:SS (e.g., 09:30 or 14:30). Modern browsers will provide a time picker.
Max. numberHow many users will be able to join your event? A blank field or 0 will lead to unlimited users.
Show event informationCheck this option to display the event information on the event page. Uncheck if you want to include the participants list macro ("EasyEvents - Participate") on another page.

* mandatory field

After creation you will find yourself in the edit mode of a new event page

The field values are inside the participate macro. You can add further description text to the macro body.

Also another macro - the "Join Default Image Macro" - is added, which provides a placeholder image for your event page. Feel free to replace the image with your own event image.



Edit your event details after creation

The participate macro provides all details to your event and you can edit them here.

The event page

See all the Event details

As you can see, the event title is also the title of the page. Below the title you see the event image (or a default if you have not chosen an own image).

The Participate Macro has two parts:

  • On the left you can sign up or sign off for an event and below you see the other participants.
  • On the right the event details are shown (if you have checked that option in the edit macro view).

On the lower hand right corner you can see that the label "easy-event" is added, so you can find all event pages.

Sign up or sign off for an event

Sign yourself up or add other users

If you just click the "sign up" button, you will be added to the event. If you type a username under the participate section (you will get a list of suggested users), you are able to add this user. You can also type an arbitrary name (eg., "Mr. Seibert of //SEIBERT/MEDIA") to add a guest without user account.

If you sign up other users, they will get a notification and automatically watch the page, so they will not miss updates to the event.


Notice changes on the event

You will:

  • get an email:
    • If another user adds or removes you from an event
    • If the event page is modified (e.g. new location)
  • get a notification in the Confluence workbox
    • If another user adds or removes you from an event
  • automatically watch the event page
    • If you or another user adds or removes you from an event

Calendar export

You can export an event as a *.ics file by clicking the "Add to calendar" button

Your calendar application should be able to import this file and add an appointment.

If the event is updated, you will have to download the *.ics file again manually. When importing the new file, the existing event should be updated in your calendar application.



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