Easy Events RSVP - Release 1.7

Create meeting pages with ease and let users RSVP with one click

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1.7 Release Notes

Easy Events looks more handsome than ever!

New Features

  • You can now choose between a compact and a detailed participant list.
  • The Easy Events calendar is now displayed in a detailed and more informative view.
  • The calendar switches responsively in small areas to a more compact layout.


  • Improvements in event macro and event blueprint wizard layout
  • We added more helpful tooltips.


  • We prevented some side effects with other Confluence add-ons (e.g. Scroll Viewport) that broke Easy Events RSVP macros under some circumstances.


  • Fixed a bug when creating multiple events on a single Confluence page.
  • ICS file is now correctly attached to emails when using MS Office Webmail and Outlook 2013.
  • Fixed a bug when sending email notification on event changes.
  • Fixed a layout error in the calendar responsive design.
  • Corrected the order of the event list in conjunction with event categories.


  • Easy Events is now Data-Center-ready.


  • Improved the display of avatar images within an event
  • Fixed a bug in the registration process of events without date
  • Deleted users can now be removed from an events participation list
  • Fixed anonymous access to calendar view and calendar macro
  • Improved labeling of event categories

1.7 Release Video


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