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Layout configuration

In a first step you'll insert the Cover Stories macro into a page where you want to display them. In many cases this will be a dashboard or the main page of a single space, but you can place it wherever you like. It is recommendable to use the whole available width of the page and not put the Cover Stories into a column - although technically that is possible. If the Cover Stories don't have enough room, there might be issues with nicely displaying the contents.






A new window will offer you several layout options for displaying your Cover Stories. Select the layout fitting your needs from the following options:

  • four big tiles (2x2)
  • two big tiles above and four smaller tiles below (2+4)
  • eight small tiles (2x4)

In the example to the left we chose a two by two tiles layout. The page can display four different news from different sources and for different users, according to the specifications made in the admin menu. 

Click on a tile to configure its news sources.

Defining news sources

If you don't plan to personalize the news according to a user's profile attributes, you can simply define a space/label combination. Entering a space name is mandatory. In order for the Cover Stories macro to work properly you have to choose a space containing blog posts, or else the tile will be left blank.

Optionally you can enter a label name, so only blog posts marked with that label will be shown. A simple use case would be labelling all blog posts you want to be displayed as Cover Story with a label called "cover".  




In order to display personalized news in a tile you'll choose the option personalized news section. A dropdown menu will offer all existing news sections. Just select the one you want to be displayed and confirm your choice by clicking "Apply".

If you want to define more news sections for personalization, please refer to the page ENB - Define News Sections for personalization.





Teaser Formats

At this point, Cover Stories come in four different formats or styles. Each item is linked to its respective blog post. You are free to define, which style will be used for the Cover Stories' presentation, independent of the actual content of the blog post. 

Image News

The image uses the complete available space of the tile. For best results choose image files with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and large enough to fill the available space. If your image file is too wide or too high, the Cover Stories macro will make sure it won't be shown larger than the tile is supposed to be. Please note: In order to select the image inside the News Teaser macro the file has to be already appended to the blog post. It doesn't have to be visible within the post, though.




  • The title of the blog post and an excerpt of the content appear below the video. Users can directly play the video if it is shown in one of the larger tiles. If the video is shown in smaller tiles a click will lead to the respective blog post. In both cases you should make sure to embed the video in the blog post as well, not only in the News Teaser macro.



Title on Color

  • The title of the blog post appears on a colored background. By editing your theme or custom css you can change the color to match your corporate design. This design works best with short titles.


  • The quote appears on a white space. By editing your theme or custom css you can adapt the look of it and match it to your corporate design.
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