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General concept 

In most cases, your Confluence based intranet has typical users - users who are logged in and named accordingly.

In some cases you might want to give anonymous users (who are not logged in) access to certain areas, though. 

Here you will learn how to make news available for anonymous users.


In order to make news available for anonymous users, they need access to Confluence at all, first.

Follow these steps to make your Confluence accessible to anonymous users:

Navigate to Confluence administration → Users & Security → Global Permissions.

Click the Edit Permissions button at the top of the page.

In the Anonymous Access section, activate the Use Confluence function.

Click on the Save all button to save your changes.

Navigate to a space which contains the news you wish to share with anonymous users.

Then, navigate to Space tools → Permissions.

In the Anonymous Access section, click on the Edit Permissions button.

Enable the All: View permission.

Click on the Save all button to confirm the changes.


Now the entire space, including news, will be visible to anonymous users.

Other content (in other spaces) will still be hidden from anonymous users.

Delivering News for anonymous users

Now that you prepared your Confluence and your space(s) for anonymous users, one crucial step is missing.

Configure your news macros accordingly. Anonymous users will only be able to see your news, if the macros are configured to use the spaces in which you gave anonymous users the permission to view them.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.