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Apple Business for your company

In order to distribute custom apps to your employees via Apple Business, your company must first be registered with the corresponding Apple program. Many companies already have an account, which is used for Apple's Volume Purchase Program, through which apps are purchased from the App Store for distribution to managed devices.

If your company is not yet registered with Apple Business, you can find all the information you need on Apple's website:

Enrollment process at a glance

You can start the Apple Business enrollment process for your company here:

We had to complete the following steps to successfully register //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Apple Business in August 2019:

  1. Sign up via
  2. Verification of the company by telephone by a person authorized to represent the company
  3. Create the first administrator account for Apple Business by creating a Managed Apple ID first
  4. Set up Two Factor Authentication by providing a phone number
  5. Create up to 5 administrator accounts for your company's Apple Business account
  6. Enable Custom Apps for your Apple Business account
  7. Verify your company's domain with Apple Business by adding a TXT record to your DNS zone file

That's it - your company should now be able to distribute a custom app to employees' iOS devices.

Deployment of a Custom App via Apple Business

If your company has decided to distribute a customized intranet app based on Linchpin Mobile to employees, all information listed here is required to set up a corresponding app, even in the case of distribution via Apple Business.

Once the app is ready for your company to hand out to your employees, we will make it available in Apple Business for your company account. For this we need the organization ID of your company from Apple Business:

Distribution of a Custom App to your employees

Once the custom app is approved for your Apple Business account, you can select it in the Custom Apps section. There you can create redemption codes with a few clicks, which you can then distribute to your employees to download the app via the regular iOS App Store:

Requested redemption codes can be downloaded as an xlsx file from Apple Business after a few minutes. Each redemption code which is obtained via Apple Business for a custom app can be redeemed by exactly one Apple ID. The iOS App Store app will guide your employees through the process after redeeming a code.

Afterwards, all iOS devices on which the corresponding Apple ID is logged in will have access to the custom app. Your custom app can be easily downloaded via the "Purchases" section in the user profile of the App Store app.

Important Info

Currently, it is not possible to redeem redemption codes in the iOS App Stores of any country. They are limited to the App Store of the country for which the company has been registered with Apple Business. This topic is discussed in the Apple developer community, e.g. see here for the latest:

Looking for an alternative in the Cloud? 

Besides offering apps like Linchpin Intranet Suite, that is available for Atlassian Data Center, we also have apps for Confluence Cloud in our portfolio.

Like Mantra, the intranet for Confluence Cloud, developed by our joint-venture AppAnvil (known for hits like Aura & Karma).

Test the intranet for Confluence Cloud now for free: 

Discover Mantra

This page was last edited on 06/05/2024.