Navigate to the Configure language links overlay. To do that, click on the language button in the header area of your page and click on the Configure button. 

Click on the delete button next to the language/page link you wish to delete. The link will be marked for deletion. Click on the Save button to confirm your deletion.

If you close the overlay without confirming your changes, the link will not be deleted.

A deletion of a language link is valid for all linked pages! It's a global change. You can't delete links only from some of the translations.

Example: Let's say you offer a guide in your system. This guide is available in 3 languages (English, German, French), all translations are linked with each other via the Language Manager. You view the English version of your guide and delete the French translation link. Now the English page has 1 translation available: German. But it also means that the German version only has one translation left: English. The French version now has no translations linked.

Deleting the French translation link from the English page deleted it from all linked pages.

This content was last updated on 02/10/2022.

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