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What is a dark feature?

No support!

Dark features are not part of our official support and represent beta features without any guarantee to work properly on all systems.

In most cases, we do not recommend using dark features. You should keep any dark feature off, unless //SEIBERT/MEDIA (e.g. our support team) explicitely advised you to activate it.

Some of the features in Linchpin are not enabled by default and may be implemented as Dark Features

The so-called "dark features" are simply system configuration options that are hidden from the normal administration menus. Only System Administrators can change dark features. Dark features give advanced users the possibility to enable or disable specific functionalities. Be careful with dark features as they may cause problems if misused since they will impact the entire instance.

Which dark features does the Linchpin Suite have?

Name of the dark feature

In which App is it?


Effect when the dark feature is enabled

Entry "Kosovo" to country list added

Linchpin User Profiles


Kosovo is included in the country list.

Extension of the Custom User List to more than 500 search results

Linchpin User Profiles: Macro Custom User List, Macro Custom User Search


Limit is increased to 1,000 search results.


Depending on the instance, this can have a very negative impact on performance. The CUL is already not brilliant with 500 results. 

Reduce JSON size: CSS classes

Linchpin Enterprise News


The CSS classes are generated and included in the JSON.

Labels that start with a tilde are filtered out.

Kicker under headline

Linchpin News Digest


When activated, a kicker is displayed below the headline.

Custom CSS input option for the styling of the mail

Linchpin News Digest


Appearance in the email is customizable to make it look as similar as possible to the appearance in my Linchpin instance.

Scrollable menu with arrows in the header

Linchpin Theme


Arrows are displayed when there are more items in the menu than the width of the screen allows.

Pagination in subscribe space macro

Linchpin Enterprise News


Extends the maximum number of result parameters for the "Subscribe to spaces" macro:

=> from 48 spaces to 500

How do I enable the dark features?

To enable a dark feature, you first have to enable the dark feature in Confluence.

To do so navigate to the hidden "Development Features" page through


You need to be logged in as an administrator to do this.

On this page enter the dark feature key you wish to use and click on submit.

How do I disable the dark features?

To disable a dark feature simply click on the remove link in the brackets behind the dark feature you wish to disable.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.