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The general idea behind personal news subscriptions

If there's only a handful of news posts per month in your intranet, it's easy to keep up to date. But what if there's a dozen or hundreds of news posts per week? You might not have the time to read it all - and perhaps also not the interest.

That's where personal news subscriptions come in handy. Select news which are interesting and/or relevant to you and display them within a news stream. A news stream perfectly tailored to your needs.


Subscribing to news is not the same thing as watching a space.

Watching a space is a default Confluence functionality. You can read more about it in the Confluence documentation.

Subscribing to news from a space is a functionality that comes with Linchpin Enterprise News and is explained on this very page.

How do I subscribe to news?

Subscribe from the News Hub

While in the News Hub, open the sidebar.

Next to the Subscriptions button (within the Discover section) you will find a  settings button. Herewith you can manage your subscription. Click on thesettings button.

To subscribe to news from a space, click on the  newspaper button.

You will only be offered spaces for subscription which you have the read/view permissions for!

At the top of the list, you will see spaces which you already subscribe to. The rest of the sorting is done alphabetically.

Icon meanings

  You have not subscribed to news from this space yet.

 You have subscribed to news from this space. You either subscribed by yourself or an admin set the space as a default news source. This is often done so that new users don't have empty news feeds.

 It is obligatory to be subscribed to news from this space. This subscription was set by the admin. You can not unsubscribe from this news source.

Subscribe from a macro



You can subscribe to news sources directly from relevant news macros. Such macros are the "Personal News Feed" macro and the "Cover Stories" macro.

Below those macros, you will find a button to manage your subscriptions. Click on the Subscribe to news button. 

A space subscriptions overview will open. You will see a list of all spaces available for subscription here. Select the spaces you wish to subscribe to by clicking onto the Subscribe button.

Once you are done, click on the OK button.

Rebuild the index after updating Language Manager

Do you use default languages for spaces? If the answer is yes, please rebuild the index after updating to Language Manager 2.2.0. Rebuilding the index ensures that the language information will be available in Linchpin Enterprise News, too.

The space subscriptions overview offers several functions.


You can filter the spaces either by all spaces or spaces you are already subscribed to. To use the filter, click on the Filter by: All spaces entry at the top of the window.

News-related space information

Click on the Info button on the rleated space tile to reveal news-related information about this space. Here, you can see how many news have been published in said space, when the last publication was and also preview news from said space. This overview also offers a quick summary of a viewed space.

Preview news

To preview news, click on the Info button on the rleated space tile. In the now open overlay, click on the News preview button.


Use the search to find the right spaces faster. The search is located in the upper left corner of the space subscriptions overview. Text entered here will also search for space categories.

How can I find news from my subscriptions?

Via the News Hub

To enter the News Hub, click on the  compass button in your header. There, click on the News Hub button.

Open the sidebar to the left. There, you will find a section called Subscriptions. Here you can find news from all spaces you subscribed to.

Via the "Personal News Feed" macro

The "Personal News Feed" macro is a great way to display personalized news on any page. 


The content of the "Personal News Feed" macro will always be personalized.

This means that User A and User B will see different news when viewing the same macro, since they have their own individual subscriptions.

Insert the "Personal News feed" into any page

On any Confluence page, insert the "Personal News Feed" macro into the page. 

Configure the "Personal News Feed" macro

Click on the Layout button to edit the design of the macro. Here you can choose what elements of a news article will be displayed - for example categories, spaces, the author or publication date. You can also decide if you wish to use the default view or the compact view (compact view resembles a simpler list and offers less preview elements).

Click on the Previous news button to select how new news should be loaded, via arrows or via a button.

Click on the Options button to configure the core functions of the macro. Here you can offer only selected spaces for your users to subscribe to or decide how many news articles should be displayed at once.

Save your configuration

If your configuration is complete, click on the Save button (or Insert button) within the macro to save it. Now, publish the Confluence page.

Via the "Cover Stories" macro

You can configure the "Cover Stories" macro to show personal subscriptions.

This being said, the "Cover Stories" macro offers a lot of configuration options, so be sure to check out its documentation.

Insert the "Cover Stories" macro into any page

On any Confluence page, insert the "Cover Stories" macro into the page. 

Configure the "Cover Stories" macro

To display personal news via the Cover Stories macro, activate the Personal subscriptions of user button in the Sources section.

If you want to limit the spaces users can subscribe to, enter relevant space categories into the list. Leave this field blank to offer all spaces for subscription.

Be sure to check out the documentation on "Cover Stories" macro to see what else can be configured.

Save your configuration

If your configuration is complete, click on the Save button (or Insert button) within the macro to save it. Now, publish the Confluence page.

Advice: Limit spaces available for subscription

Set up a dashboard or a dedicated news page with the help of the Personal News Feed macro on that page. Whenever someone visits the dashboard or news page, they will see their own news feed, personalized by and for them. That allows for a highly customizable news concept.

If your Confluence contains many spaces, and only a few of them offer news at all, it might be wise to pre-configure the macro to offer only relevant spaces for subscription. This makes it easier for users to set up their personal subscriptions. 

The macro works with space categories. So let's say you have over 100 spaces, but only 15 of them offer news. Those spaces were labeled with the "news". category.

Within the macro, click on the Options button. Scroll down to the Space categories text input field and enter the space categories of spaces which contain news (in our example, it would be "news", since all spaces containing news are labeled with it).

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