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Create an event

There are three options to create an event:

  • through the Event Hub
  • through a blueprint that creates a page with an event macro
  • through a custom button using the Linchpin teaser macro or the layout box macro

Create an event through the Event Hub

Navigate to the Event Hub. You can access the event hub directly from your Linchpin home page. Click on the "compass button" inside the Linchpin Header. You will find it next to your profile picture. A menu will open. In this menu, click on the Event Hub button.

Click the Create event button in the upper right corner.

Create a page with an event macro through a blueprint

You can also create a page with an event macro through a blueprint.

To do so, you have to activate the blueprint for the Event macro first.

Click on the "gear icon" inside the Linchpin Header. Click on anywhere underneath the Confluence administration. Within the search field on the left, type in "Global Templates and Blueprints". Next, click on the grey highlighted section named "see default blueprints" and enable "Linchpin Events".

You also have the option to edit the blueprint. This allows you to create an even more personalized blueprint!

To edit the blueprint for Linchpin Events, click on grey "see default blueprints". Then click on "edit" next to "Linchpin Events". Type in the default message you want to see when you create an event through the blueprint.

If you want to change it back to the original, click on "Reset to default".

Alternative way: Event creation via custom button

You can create a custom button to allow users to create events from everywhere, not only the event hub.

The "button" is really a link. And the link you need to use, looks like this:


Do not forget to add your Confluence URL in front of the link!

Example: https://example.linchpin-intranet.com/plugins/easyevents/event-hub.action#/eventhub(popup:createevent)

Once the link is created, you can insert it anywhere. When a user clicks this link, the event creation wizard will open.

Use cases

You can insert this link into some macros to create proper buttons. Below, you will find some examples.

Create events with help of the "Linchpin Teaser" macro

Insert the "Linchpin Teaser" macro into your page.

Then, choose a teaser type. For small buttons, the Standard teaser is ideal.

In the URL section, enter the link from above.

Click on the Insert button and publish the changes to your page.

Create events with help of the "Layout Box" macro

Insert the "Layout Box" macro into your page.

Inside the Layout Box, write "Create event". 

Mark the text and transform it into a link. Enter the URL from above into the address field.

Set the width of the Layout Box and add an inner spacing. This will help the Layout Box to look like a real button.

Optional: Change the color of the link and the background color of the Layout Box.

Publish the changes to your page.

The Event macro

With the Event macro, you can easily embed an event on any page. This also allows you to create a brand new event and embed it onto your page in one single process. It is a very efficient way of creating events and event pages at once!

While in page creation, add the Event macro to your page.

The Event macro will display all existing events. You can apply filters here to quickly find the event you wish to embed.


The creation wizard refreshes in real time. Type in your information and the wizard will display the filtered events.

Event title

Input the title of the event you wish to embed.


Search for events within a specific time window.


Enter one or more event categories to display according events.

Create new events within the macro

Are you working on an event page, but the event doesn't exist yet? No need to save the draft, open several new tabs and waste a lot of time. There is a more efficient solution available.

Within the Event macro, click on the link "create a new event". 

The creation wizard will open in a new pop-up window. 

Follow the wizard's instructions to create an event.

Your newly created event will appear in the Event macro. Select your event by clicking on it.

Click on "Insert".

Congratulations, you just created a new event and embedded it into your page!

What else can I do with Linchpin Events?

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.