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How do news blueprints work?

Blueprints which are connected to Linchpin Enterprise News will automatically configure three slides which can then be filled out by the user who wants to create a blog post.

A "slide" is a page within the Blueprint Creator dialog - once the user clicks on the blueprint, a configuration dialog will open and ask them to provide data for their news article.


With the help of the Blueprint Creator, users can: 

  • Set the publication date;
  • Select a teaser image or a "text on color" cover;
  • Select news categories for their news article.


Click this link to read the whole documentation for the Blueprint Creator.

What do I need to create news blueprints?

To create blueprints for your news, you will need Linchpin Enterprise News 2.13 and Blueprint Creator 3.1.

Activate and create news blueprints

Follow this guide to activate and create news blueprints.


Create a Page Blue Print

Navigate to Confluence administration → Blueprint Creator → Manage Page Blueprints.

Here, click on the Create Page Blueprint button.

Select an icon, enter a name and choose Blog post as the content type.

Don't forget to enable the Activate slider button, then click on the Save button.



Optional: If you want to, enter a description for this blueprint and in the Space categories section, enter spaces this blueprint should be limited to (the blueprint will only be available if a user wants to create a blog post in said space(s)).

Activate Linchpin Enterprise News integration

Now that the blueprint is created, we need to activate the Linchpin Enterprise News integration.

To do so, click on the slides button.

Activate the Linchpin Enterprise News slider button on the left side. You will notice that new slides were added automatically. Those slides are pre-configured.

Click on the Save button.




You can, of course, also edit the blueprint and add other placeholders to it, to guide your users when creating news. To edit a blueprint, click on its name and the page editor will open. Via the sidebar button, access placeholders.

If you don't intend to provide any extra info for your users, delete the first slide, since it's empty, but it will still be displayed to users.

Use the blueprint to create a news article

Click on the Create button in your instance's header area to open up the page creation menu. (Depending on your configuration, it can be a big ( + ) symbol or "Create" written in plain text.)


Select a space in which you wish to publish the blog post.

Select your newly created news blueprint and click on the Next button.

Enter the data the blueprint creator asks for. After every step, click on the Next button. At the end, click on the Create button.


Looking for an alternative in the Cloud? 

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Like Mantra, the intranet for Confluence Cloud, developed by our joint-venture AppAnvil (known for hits like Aura & Karma).

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This page was last edited on 06/04/2024.